Tommy, troll my bridge. Ask me riddles.

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Senior Member
Jan 20, 2011
Yeah... and before that it was (user who isn't here anymore) and before that it was (user who really isn't here anymore.)

I've pretty much gotten used to it.

For people who read my posts, I joke with Pippy all the time.

I'd better be careful or who knows what kinds of rumors THAT will stir up. :rolleyes:

I automatically know that if I joke with a guy, everyone's going to say we're dating... Although I am an open person, I generally keep my private life private. If I WERE seeing someone, it would have to have been something that had been going strong for some time, and I wouldn't say anything unless the other person agreed to it.

I have never officially dated someone on CC. I DID have a few crushes that didn't work out... But maybe the next one is right around the corner. :)
Seem its an clarification section :giggle::giggle: cheer up sis i believe they just male a little bit joke :) blessing sis amen


Daughter of the True King
Mar 28, 2018
Another easy one.....

What is greater than God, worse than evil,
The poor have it, the rich require it,
And if you eat it, you die?


Notorious Member
Jan 12, 2016
Five apples are in a basket. How do you divide them among five girls so that each girl gets an apple, but one apple remains in the basket?


Give No. 1 girl one apple

No. 2 girl one apple

No 3 girl one apple

No 4 girl one apple

No. 5 girl one apple in the basket 🍎


Age 😂. Speaking of age I wish it stops at 40 😂

What makes you young?
Sorry sister, as a seasoned 40-ish hag, I’m under the obligation to inform you that age doesn’t stop at 40🤓.

I can’t think of a riddle.



Sorry sister, as a seasoned 40-ish hag, I’m under the obligation to inform you that age doesn’t stop at 40🤓.

ohhh nooo!!! 💔

I love that "seasoned 40-ish"😂 wise words Sister 😂