What is the single most single thing you have done this year? 2021(non singles welcome too)

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Well-known member
Jul 20, 2021
Mesa, AZ
I watched all the seasons of Endeavour straight through, three times in a row. I'm thinking of starting again.

I also recently watched all the seasons of Grimm straight through, three times in a row. Even though I've watched all the seasons of it many, many times before.

I love rewatching my favorites. Right now I'm rewatching Monarch of the Glen on Tubi. Yes, I've seen it all many, many times before!

Hmm, I just realized it's only been over the past 12 years, since I've been single, that I've turned into a serial binge watcher! So I suppose it's a very Single thing to do! 😎
Hey, it's a way to hear a human voice if you're living alone, and a good story is a good story.


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Dec 15, 2018
dont know if its exclusivly single thing to do, but quitting facebook is probably up there. So tired of the constant chatter and ads and show-offy posts. Especially from parents boasting about their kids. The kids dont really ask to be photographed and put on facebook for everyone in the whole world to see. They might not actually like people saying how cute they are!