Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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Well before I gave up everything to God I was talking to this one guy. I liked him and he liked me. I went on a retreat for a week, completely isolated from the outside world and anything that could come between me and God. I realized that I didnt really like this guy and i was lusting after him.. When i came back from my retreat i said goodbye who was blocking my path with God.
Well, when i tried saying goodbye to that one particular guy he started calling me the "Fake Jasmyne" and "Brainwashed"... that hurt but what hurt most was that he didnt want to accept God. He started getting annoyed with my "Jesus Talk" and i realized that i needed to stop talking to him. He started threatening me with his own suicide, saying if i left he wouldnt live (he was dead serious.. not someone seeking attention) I told him he needed to find God again, he had been through some things.. I told him that God is like this light inside us, even when we're at our worse he never dies out (or something like that) and he told me i was his light. Ouch, i dont want to be anyone's light. Jesus should be his light /:
So i continued talking to him, and since he didnt like hearing the name Jesus i used the terms "good side" and "bad side".. he understands he's on the wrong path, but still refuses..
After several more attempts of saying goodbye i told a friend from here kind of what was going on.. he told me "sometimes people have to hit rock bottom to know the rock that we stand on"(or something like that, my memory isnt the best) So i told my friend that quote, and said i couldnt continue talking to him & that when hes tries suicide again i wont be there, and i wouldnt respond t his texting or calling. It was the hardest thing possible to do.. to just stand aside while someone is in that much pain, but i did it. The same day he sent me a text saying he wanted to recieve God, so i started helping him like i should.. turns out he wasnt as serious as i thought and now he wants to committ suicide again because he knows he's in the way of my path.
If i say goodbye to him, he dies. If i continue talking to him, im dead in a sense. Im not strong enough yet to tackle all temptations and doubts and negativity.. he's like the definition of negative.
Help? Advice?


Senior Member
Apr 19, 2011
Yes. I know exactly what you need to do. Get this foothold of the devil rooted utterly and completely out of your life. He is a user, player and a manipulator. He has no care or concern for you as a person. And, i don't mean to sound scary, but there is the potential he could be dangerous, and the sooner you cut him off the less likely he is to be a threat to you. Chances are he won't kill himself over not talking to you. That is just a manipulation to get what HE wants, to control you and keep you in his life. And the more you fall for his tricks, the deeper he digs his talons into you, your emotions and your life. Often times this type of behavior leads to stalking, which is why its best to end it soon as possible, to reduce the likely hood of this becoming a stalking issue.

His walk with God is ultimately his own responsibility, not yours. He doesn't need you to help him. He can turn to God, pastors, church elders and any other spiritual adult he may know. A continuing relationship with this guy will bring only bad things to your life. Period.

And, please, do not start with the 'he wouldn't do that' speech. I have read and learned a bit on controllers, manipulators, stalkers, etc... He is the total stereotype of all the things i am saying. I've also known women who have been involved with men such as this. Please, don't be manipulated and fooled into thinking he's harmless, or needs your help. Instead i ask that you follow the experience and learning of someone older than you who knows and cut him totally out of your life once and for all.


Senior Member
Apr 26, 2012
I agree. His life is not your responsibility. If you feel God calling you away from him, get away from him. He is unstable and was ugly to you. (No offense Ugly!)


I will be praying for you.TRUST IN GOD.


"Ugly" thank you, and i wasnt going to give you a speech haha.. I wasnt sure on what to do.. i know im gullible and ive often been told im oblivious.
Thank you so much, I'll take your advice.. it wont be easy.. but i'll take your advice.

God Bless.
Mar 1, 2012
To be honest, when I saw the title of the thread, I thought that it was a thread about the video game Battlefield 3 on the level with the same name as the thread, 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place'.

But I knew that Battlefield 3 wouldn't probably be brought up in the Teens Forum.

AdorableNoel, I agree with what Ugly said. Get him out of your life. Stop him from holding you back from your walk with Jesus.

I don't think he will commit suicide. But if he does, remember that it is NOT your fault. You chose to continue your walk with Jesus. By doing this, you will have made a difficult, but good decision.

With love. GBU.


Actually !! What's wrong with men that they think they can keep a girl by threatening with suicide ??

its sad - my niece ended a relationship with a boy and he also threaten her with suicide if she leaves him - in the end she left him and he never tried suicide.

From a man : if a man talk of suicide if you leave - LEAVE !! its not going to get better - only worsen !!