less important but still interesting questions

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Senior Member
May 6, 2017
The Word has needed answers to important questions

but what kinda things do you wonder that may not be answered as specifically

like what Jesus was writing in the sand before he told the people about to stone the woman before he said let he who is without sin cast the first stone

how tall were the tallest giants

when Jesus says as in the days of noah what was he implying specifically or is it a general statement with many similarities

what was leviathan

why did the years of a man shorten so much being born after the flood

appearance of angels

i think of these kinda things sometimes

wondering if anyone else has interesting questions we can only pray or speculate on


Senior Member
Jun 6, 2015
Speculation can be kind of fun, as long as it doesn't cause arguments or take away from the more important (if I may say real) point of the scripture passages.

I've always wanted to know what Jesus was writing too.

My other question that I was just thinking of yesterday was who in their right mind laps water when they come to a stream and drink?? (In the account of Gideon). What does that look like, even? How would that even work?


Senior Member
Jul 28, 2015
How did marriage start?

Is the Garden of Eden gone forever

Where did Noah's ark land?