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Senior Member
Feb 5, 2018
Yes , they're lovely and kindness people, that's why I like them , sweetmorningdew sis, jeje sis, lovefilipino sis, itsharley sis, and this guy ♡ , where are you tall man, please come to me , please Jesus help me , everything is possible with you father, I trust in you Lord , I just wanted to see him , that's all. Then your wish I'll obey to you Lord.
My compatriots know how to treat their friends well but unfortunately most of them are undisciplined in their home country that they can't even follow simple road laws. they even accept money bribes and vote for corrupt politicians during election and yet they complain much why graft and corruption is rampant in my country.

My countrymen mostly are intelligent workers even on abroad, good friends and hospitable but sadly lack discipline and nationality.

I myself is not proud of being a Filipino. If I can choose a nationality, I prefer to be a Japanese for they are intelligent, refined and tidy people unlike most of my compatriots.
May 13, 2019
Hello again Selesmonica.. :D

I think i have found the ship.. There is a one word Skywalker ship she is a bulk carrier trading ship.. She is currently off the south western side of Sri Lanka heading East..

Here is a world shipping tracking site.. You may have to have a account to see this page.. accounts are free..


let me know if this ship is the one your Filipino sailor was on..

I am currently tracking a sailing boat my Brother is sailing on as crew in the gulf of Thailand.. This is the reason why i know this site..
very informative information