Longer storage time for celery and carrots

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Senior Member
Mar 15, 2015
I am surprised to see so many ladies who don't know about storing celery in aluminum foil to keep it from spoiling so fast, so I will let everyone here who cares know. To keep celery for two weeks or longer in the frig, wrap it completely with aluminum foil with no openings for air to enter. As for carrots I keep them in the original bag and cut one or two one inch crosses + in the bag to let the moisture out. The holes will sort of close automatically so you may need to check them from time to time. If the bag continues to show condensation inside then enlarge the holes, and if the carrots look dried up then close up the holes some. I buy celery hearts and they come two to a bag and I eat three sticks at a time, once every five days and I buy carrots two pounds at a time and have 8 to 10, once every five days and each keeps fine right up to the end. Just a couple of things I heard from others that work for me.


Senior Member
Mar 13, 2014
I'm not sure if the proper storage of celery or carrots is strictly a ladies thing. When I get my dentures within the next month I'm gonna eat a carrot. Perhaps a couple celery sticks too. Right now I'm thinking ranch dressing. Maybe some hot wings to go with it.