Alan Jackson - The Old Rugged Cross (Live)

'Praise God'
Did you realize I started my christian walk in 77 by volunteering for a month at a rescue mission? Wow, how many times have I heard or sang that song?

On another subject, He reminds me of Jeff Foxworthy. :D
My biological mother was a pregnant teenage alcoholic/addict who left me abandoned at birth in the charity ward of a catholic hospital in 1954 and my fofter parents who later adopted me had to sponsor my dialysis treatments when I was in diapers. My drunk a log and salvation story is 65 years long so I just bring up bit and pieces as the context where they seem relevant. My service work (not with AA) started in summer 77 at the Long Beach Rescue Mission and includes highlights with the Salvation Army, Melodyland Christian Center/Trinity Broadcasting Hot line Help center, Orange County Rescue Mission, Set Free Prison Ministries.

!2 step service I was a client and patient at the V.A. treatment center and went from client to intern to staff at the Substance Abuse Foundation while attending AA, NA and Celebrate Recovery. I was also on an H&I panel with Dual Recovery Anon. My late sponsor and I used to comb the Los Angeles river bed, handing out sandwiches and helping with bus tokens and referrals' to treatment centers and 1/2 way or sober living houses. I also neglected to mention I did as semester of internship (for collage credit) at a place named 'Changing Spirits', a treatment center for Native Americans..

I'm not blowing my horn but stating my qualifications and experience as a patient, alcoholic/addict, student, instructor and treatment professional. I've been on both sides of the lectern. Besides war stories (which bore me) now you have a clearer understanding of what it was like, what happened and what it's like now.

Too da loo for now, happy Easter Bob, From Bob.

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