SERIOUSLY!!!! o_O Now WHERE am I going to store the pots and pans?? j/k.... I always thought it was the broiler thingy that I can never find dishes that don't say "no broiler" so have never used....... THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!! (no more trying to keep food warm with TONS of foil:LOL:..... actually, my new stove has 2 ovens, the reg one on top, then a smaller one for either cooking additional stuff @ diff temp OR using to keep warm (actually has a "warm" setting)
Hahaha, too funny. Hey girl. I seriously just found this out yesterday 😳. A new stove, huh, yay. It sounds state of the art.
HA! No, I JUST found this out when I saw that post! I seriously thought it was the broiler thingy b/c that's what my (love her so mean no disrespect here) no so bright mother told me when I was younger.......
ok, have had the stove a few years now, lol but it still FEELS new to me (doesn't look it though, lol)

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