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    I miss my hugs

    I had the opportunity to be around some of my church family for an outreach during this time. It felt good to get/give hugs out. Definitely missing them.
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    Worst Video Game!

    Superman 64 Mario’s time machine - imagine being a young tyke and expecting it to be your average Mario game and getting an educational game. Lol.
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    Requesting prayer

    Hey everyone. I’ve been going through some difficulty and have been having a hard time getting back on track with my relationship with God. I’ve seen Him move in many ways in my life, and He’s helped me overcome many things, but I still wander away and rebel and do my own thing versus what God...
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    Would you want to know??

    The more I think about it, I think it'd be cool to have an idea of when it will happen, but I also like the idea of not knowing in advance. I think it'd be better if I thought about the reality OP stated and really considered it more. It reminds me of these scriptures: Psalm 90:12 New King...
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    Best Christian Books You Have Read....(other than the Bible)

    I'm not a big book reader (other than the Bible), but Wild at Heart by John Eldredge was a good one. Currently reading The Teleios Man by Larry Titus. Not too far in, but so far so good.
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    Meekness or boldness

    It takes faith to hold onto God’s promise when we don’t see it. I think this is what the song is getting at. Instead of reasoning and rationalizing and looking at things through our own lens, we’re choosing to set our eyes on things above, trusting God and His word through it all. An act of...
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    Relationally Challenged

    xD I don’t mean it in any demeaning sort of way. It’s a simple way of me saying that she’s really smart, really wise, and just overall is a well-rounded individual. She loves Jesus and is bearing the fruit of the Spirit. She has a good relationship with her family and parents, which is cool. And...
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    Relationally Challenged

    Hey everyone! There’s a gal at church I’m interested in. Should I go for it? I don’t know her to well personally, but I have talked with her a little bit here and there. What I do know about her is she’s really smart, fairly quiet, but wise and kind. She seems to be a real catch! One time I...
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    Heartbroken Friend

    Hey everyone, I would like to ask if you could pray for my friend Will. He recently started talking to a gal and they hit it off pretty well. They’re both fairly involved in their respective churches and on the same page with a lot of things. Feelings developed fast for him and things were...
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    Biblical Femininity

    I love these verses. When I think of the kind of woman I would like to marry, I always think whoever she is, she will definitely be wise and have “the teaching of kindness on her tongue”.
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    A White Picket Fence

    Great post. Life happens, things can happen, and if intentionality in the relationship dwindles and disappears, I believe any of the above can happen. Love is a pursuit, an action. Passivity is the killer of passion and love. Kind of how faith without works is dead, I’d say love without action...
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    On being an endangered species of an endangered species

    I think you’re hitting an important point here. And it sucks to hear that you haven’t been able to really connect with anyone around you. I can understand a bit where you’re coming from. I have a difficult time connecting with others, but I’m more on the other end of the spectrum. I value time...
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    28, soon to be 29
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    Who wants to get married????

    Hey Tourist, Sorry about that, let me clarify a little bit xD I was wondering if what I said was going to be taken weird. I didn’t mean for it to sound like she did something bad by rejecting, but more to show an extreme reason as to why it may hurt to imagine things with a gal that may not...
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    Who wants to get married????

    One of my biggest dreams in life is to be a dad. So yes, I hope to be married some day :) I don't mind being single, but one of the things I wish I could do is just shut out the ideas/building up of potential happenings. I'm asking God to help me keep my focus on Him because I can get...