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  • Hi (: thanks, it’s good to see you too
    Since we've been friends, you should already know that I'm a terrible texter.
    I wouldn't be freaked out. Thank you (:
    Paulie!!!! (((HUGS))) it's so nice to see you (: I had no idea who you were lol
    Chandler, what's wrong? Drop a line anytime.
    HI!!! Hope you're doing well :).
    Anytime! It was all true. I'm glad to see you back on CC. :D
    You're welcome! :)
    There's been a lot going on, but everything is cool. I've been enjoying the nice weather, too. :D
    I guess we did! What a coincidence. :D How are ya?
    i'm so glad to hear that. as usual, my rep-meter for chandlerfan is like, topped off. grrrr.

    part of what was funny about that list is a number of those were things i'd say about myself. corny jokes, statistical data and the sounds of angels singing, and you already know my affinity for seeking to understand what is deeper. and yeah, most people think i'm way too intense. hahaahahaa. which i never really understand. sigh.

    but i see you. and, you're a rare gem, mister. : )
    okay, that might have been the coolest ten-things list i've read, maybe EVAR. seriously, it's no surprise why i think you're fab. : )
    My native language is English. :) It's nice to have diverse interests! Minus business and sports (because I'm pretty much useless in both, haha) I share your interests too ^_^ So what got you into those things?
    Yes, the Romance Languages being related to each other definitely helps. (I wouldn't call them the love languages per say, because the word "romance" is being used in a different way there. I think love languages are whatever language you express love in.) It also helps when a language is close to your own native language. For example, if an English learner tries to learn Dutch. (I've tried, and there are enough similarities to have a pretty good head start.) Tagalog is also known as Filipino, and it's the language of the Philippines.

    What are your hobbies/interests? (I feel like I've been talking about me and not asking enough questions :P )
    Besides English, I speak and write Spanish, speak but mostly write Portuguese, and write French. (While speaking implies understanding, and writing implies reading :P ) I'm also learning Tagalog from a native-speaking friend of mine, and from knowing Spanish I am functional in reading Italian too.
    Hi ChandlerFan! I will remember you as the first. My pleasure; glad to be CC friends :) And yes, that's the meaning of my username! :P
    haahaahaaha! wait! how did you know?!? ; p

    i've just been busy noticing others' good observations and insight also--luckily, that was all for free.

    thank you for your courage, honesty and the transparency in which you share yourself. it's way too rare around here. it touches me deeply with your warmth and sincerity. and most importantly, it encourages us to all be brave as well.

    you're a good egg, paul. ; )
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