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    How to meet Christian singles

    I feel you mate and as much as i'd like to give a piece of advise but it looks like i also need of it as well 😂😂😂
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    10 Questions

    1. What's your favorite color? - Blue 2. What's your favorite tv show? - The Big Bang / Little Sheldon 3. What generation are you from? - Gen Y 4. What's your favorite worship song? - Still 5. Name 3 things you like to do for fun. - Travel , travel and travel 6...
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    Package tour to Israel

    hello everyone, May tanong lng ako... meron ba dito sa inyo may alam na agency na nag ooffer ng package tour to israel? Salamat, Gideon
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    i can take your criticisms but no comparison please...

    have you been criticized? well i'm pretty sure everyone has been criticized (destructively or constructively) but how do you take it? well i just simply take it and control the temper as to not make things complicated how about being compared? sure, everybody have been through this how do...
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    a vacation of a lifetime

    My childhood dream was once to travel around the world and see places that i've only seen on pictures and movies. Trying to work hard and save money for that goal and that someday i can say that i have a vacation-of-a-lifetime. But now i just realized that i have always been in a vacation since...
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    Faith can light a candle
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    Have nothing to do with dishonest gain

    It is the blessing of the LORD that makes rich, and He add no sorrow to it, Proverbs 10:22 It is the blessing of the Lord, not our own efforts, that makes us rich. Riches is a gift, a favor and an act of grace from God. Riches is not something we acquire. It is rather, something we receive...
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    gimingaw ko...

    gimingaw nku sa amo-a, at first ok pa kaau kay travel adto lain na lugar but now, ginahan na kaau ko mo-uli pero dli pwede kay kailangan taposon ang work....i just realized unsa ka sakit malayo sa family esp. sa mga OFWs (though ako local lng) but i'm thanking God still for the comfort and...
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    one day at a time

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    a mockery?

    lagi kong naririnig to sa work place tong kantang 'to and never tried to open it sa youtube to watch kahit sa thumbnail ng video is not good, or intentionally listen to it 'coz for me it sounds like the singer is mocking or making fun of God, kayo ano comment nyo sa song na 'to - Lord patawad?
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    Grateful :D

    God does answer prayers. After all the frustrations and downs in looking for a career for more than a year but now God landed me to a company where i can use the profession i graduated from and there's a possibility that i can hop on some neighboring islands of cebu. I didn't expect that i'll...
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    Is Manilla Really so Bad?

    @ Ate beloved, miss you too Ate Beloved :D @ maxwel, sure, i'll prepare patotin ---> stewed whole duck ,
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    Only in the Philippines!

    skylab motorcycle :D ; this will surely shake my knees
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    Hold On
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    Filipino foods... I love! <3

    add this one . . . [saon nlng] Empanada