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    Are you happy and you know it ?

    As the title quickly reminded me of the children's song... then i clap my hands and say Amen(y)!
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    sound health

    Lord, we commit Levi and family to You... We ask for-- and receive "a tranquil mind [that] gives health to the body" not only for them, but others in the forum asking for the same. In Yeshua's mighty name.
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    Learning to share Christ is a process. We also share by our testimony, even if we do not speak much. These days, it has helped me to be more bold in giving away Christ thru forums like this, our family/school/ grp group chats, others. People like to talk (and often abt themselves:)), but...
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    Thanks for sharing...
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    Covid19 Again 🙁

    I believe those who have heard and share that the shot may be used as a bioweapon or what do not intend to sow fear, but to open eyes of people who have had the mindset that vaccines are always helpful and good. Some-- many-- have changed their minds after learning that some vials have this...
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    Daughter ostracized for being non-affirming of children’s gender dysphoria

    I am sorry to hear that, Sarah... Essentially, i pass the example of strength from the Lord and the power of His might in day to day life... but our children have their own experiences and also choices. If she is secure about her position in Christ, it may still bother her how her classmates are...
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    Left Behind In Kabul

    Lord, hear the prayer of this sister. You know every person calling on Your name, and we thank You that You're presently providing for, protecting, comforting, and teaching them in the way to live to the full, with joy, strength and courage as they continue to share the Gospel where You put...
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    Pray for me, going through a process with much outside pressure

    Just come as a child.. and now if you can read His word quietly and prayerfully, He will speak and comfort you.
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    Pray for me, going through a process with much outside pressure

    Hi Mindful, I'm sorry to hear about your dilemma... I see ur also new at CC and want to welcome you! You got the Bible? I was most blessed to have been given my own as a student, which thru the years, in spite of the winds and the waves in my life, got me going. It is precious time to be alone...
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    Learning new job

    Lord, we commit to You the prayer concerns of Sculpt and Matthew. You know their desires and needs, and may Your will be done in their lives, their jobs. Thank You, as we all wait to receive Your answers by faith in Jesus' mighty name.
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    Always looked forward to going to school, getting new notebooks, even raincoats, umbrellas and other supplies.. High school was a bit tough, as i was away from my family.. But i was very blessed going back by distance ed after college, as i had long wanted to enroll and take subjects which i...
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    Olympic Gold for Phippines 🎖

    The verb is 'nakita' (past 'saw'), bro.:)
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    Praise Report!

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    gold loan

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    May God watch over Namrata, her baby in the womb and her family always, as we entrust them to our good Lord. Amen.