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    forces of evil against my brother,please pray.

    I ask for prayer that Jesus fight & win for my brother. I feel that he is being forbidden to live with us by Satan & his forces of evil,both directly & through the various law,legal & justice systems,including those of Texas. Plus in the same manner,he is being forbidden & stripped of his...
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    Need prayer for 12/21/2019 (Today)

    Is it okay to request prayer for a day or date in other words the month,day & year? Sometimes I request prayer for something,but don't know what to put in the area for the topic subject or what I want to put in that area is too long,other than the the month,day or date & year. Okay,on with the...
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    Condemning Voices

    Lord Jesus,I understand this issue & I fell I'm having similar issues & I feel that is why I feel also that Satan isn't letting me have anything positive of you such as peace & joy for example.
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    Need prayer & help for bronchitis & sore throat (plus what to do besides using medication)

    Thank you,We only have bottled water & a non-working water heater because of Hurricane Harvey, & no running water because of a screwup by our city that has resulted in a $1200 water bill. These people, Lord Jesus,recommended warm water,but because of the above,we can only use a microwave to warm...
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    Need prayer & help for bronchitis & sore throat (plus what to do besides using medication)

    I have bronchitis & sore throat. Part of the cause of sore throat is acid reflux. I,taking my prescriptions but sometimes I issues with when to take them. Also,is there anything I should use or do beside taking my prescriptions for the above? Thank you.
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    What to use for bronchitis & sore throat besides medication?

    Anyone know what to use for bronchitis & sore throat besides medication? Thank you.
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    Does Jesus know what bad luck is?

    I'm asking for prayer for the following:Does Jesus know what bad luck is? Is it of Satan or not? I received a message saying my my life will be permanently trapped in bad luck unless I do something. Unfortunately,I don't know what to do whether in whole or part & I ask Jesus & God to save &...
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    Three or more issues on my mind

    I need prayer for the following:I feel that Satan is questioning or challenging either something me & Jesus said to each other or something unknown. Someone on Facebook doesnt understand a prayer request of mine & its being upsetting & stressful to me because I don't know what to say to them...
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    prayer for possible trespassing/theft incident

    MANDATORY WARNING BEFORE READING:To anyone wanting to cause trouble with my prayers & prayer requests,DON'T. I have extremely strict ZERO tolerance of such & if you are caught or suspected of doing so, you WILL be reported. I need prayer for a possible trespassing/theft incident on my property...
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    When Satan tried to threaten NASA,astronauts & space station (post-Columbia)

    Have you ever asked Jesus & God to intervene & protect anyone &/or anything that most people are familiar with? In other words on a gut suspicion that Satan tried to threaten them or do harm to them? In my true example,several times I've had a gut suspicion ,post-Columbia disaster, that several...
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    What to pray for when Satan is jealous,hateful & forbidding?

    Anyone know what to pray for when Satan is jealous & hateful of what you love/like doing or even if he forbids against what you love/like doing?
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    Harassment by Goodwill employees

    I need prayer to end problems that Satan is causing me over harassment of me by Goodwill employees at a Goodwiill store in Port Neches,Texas. It started over some music I don't like hearing them play at all over their store speakers & I went outside so as not to put up with hearing it & that's...
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    Need prayer for today (January 16,2018)

    I need prayer for some things. I need prayer concerning a forum known as lescitesd' The problem is is that someone is accusing me of being rude & accusing me of not say thank you & please. I was not made aware of this until it was too late. I feel someone is being resentful & hateful,etc...