Need prayer & help for bronchitis & sore throat (plus what to do besides using medication)

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Jan 16, 2018
I have bronchitis & sore throat. Part of the cause of sore throat is acid reflux. I,taking my prescriptions but sometimes I issues with when to take them. Also,is there anything I should use or do beside taking my prescriptions for the above? Thank you.


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Jun 11, 2018
Hello @mathewbailey08, I'm sorry that you are feeling so bad :( As for what to do, if you are taking antibiotics for your bronchitis, prescription antacids (like Nexium) for your acid reflux, and aspirin or Ibuprofen + Tylenol for your sore throat, I wouldn't take anything else (like an herbal remedy) right now. You could gargle with warm salt water and use a throat spray and lozenges (as well a humidifier at night to make breathing easier).


p.s. - I have found Echinacea (liquid, or pills or tea) to be very beneficial for preventing illnesses, and for recovering from them too (after the prescription meds are done), as it ups your immune system defenses (it's an extract from the echinacea flower).


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Jul 2, 2013
Lord we oray bless mathewbailey08's medical treatment and heal from sore throat and bronchitis. Lord please heal and bless mathewbailey08. In Jesus loving name, Amen!
Jan 16, 2018
Thank you,We only have bottled water & a non-working water heater because of Hurricane Harvey, & no running water because of a screwup by our city that has resulted in a $1200 water bill. These people, Lord Jesus,recommended warm water,but because of the above,we can only use a microwave to warm water.