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  • No politician is our savior, no matter what the NAR-types and Theonomists say. Christ alone is our Savior.
    @2ndTimothyGroup, I know I'm way late in saying this, but don't let some miserable scold get to you. Keep on asking questions and those of us who know you will answer them as well as we can.
    Jesus (The Christ's) divinity should not be up for debate here.
    People's true colors always seem to come out on this site. Doesn't matter how long it takes.
    How do I change the text under my avatar and username? The part that says "Senior Member".
    I'm flatter than a pancake that's been pressed by a steamroller.
    NAR tries to tell us that God is preparing us for something BIG. What they mean by "big" is to be well-off and popular in this world. They willfully ignore the words of Paul, John the Baptist, David, Job, Peter, Christ Jesus, etc. To be "friends" with the world is to be an "enemy" of God, as James wrote.
    From Pastor Chris Roseborough (from Pirate Christian Radio and YouTube channel "Fighting For the Faith"): "I Can Do All Things Through a Bible Verse Taken Out of Context".
    Lord, please forgive me for not walking my talk.
    I know it's a day late, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my CC brothers and sisters!
    Visualize whirled peas...................
    I can't be the only one who likes cold pizza, can I?
    We Gentiles are no better than Israel. Always promising to remember, yet always forgetting.
    Should we expect God to give us favor? I see a lot of posts on social media about God's favor and that we essentially "deserve it". That, IMO, is not how God works. He gives us grace and shows us mercy, but we definitely don't deserve those things. Being God's children does not give us the right to demand things of Him, and He is not obligated to show us favor.
    I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth. :D
    Good evening, beautiful ladies of CC. Yes I know this isn't a dating site and no that's not a pickup line. But I've been here long enough to have earned my place LOL! :D
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