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    The Essence of Easter 2021 Poll

    Simple question. Everyone, please choose ONE answer! Note: Overall results are publicly displayed, but your individual answer is kept anonymous.
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    Won't let me download chat on the computer

    Which version of Windows are you running?
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    Download link for Christian Chat desktop application for Windows

    Not at this time, sorry! There is an Android app.
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    Download link for Christian Chat desktop application for Windows

    zany I'm sorry maybe that download page is cached and you're still getting the old version of the application. You can refresh the download page and make sure you see the version number 3.9.0 in the filename (not the old 3.7.3). Or, here's a direct link to the file for you. You can just click...
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    Download link for Christian Chat desktop application for Windows

    The windows desktop application is now updated to resolve the installer issue. YOU MUST UNINSTALL ANY PREVIOUS VERSION FIRST. (If it's your first time installing it, no worries, simply go ahead.) The latest update is here:
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    Hong Kong Christians sing hymn to protest about policemen using violence

    Hi JenyW welcome to Christian Chat! Thank you very much for posting this firsthand news for us.
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    China's Communist Blockage

    Hi there vashweb.. Yah it's "THE GREAT fireWALL OF CHINA" Glad to know Christian Chat is not blocked, at least not the site.
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    Creation of universe

    That's why God said "let there be light" from the get go -- on Day 1, before there was even any sun or moon or stars. As you point out, it was necessary to put all the light beams in place before putting in place any of the actual light sources.
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    new chat

    By the way there is an option to turn off the sound notifications. But anyway it's now removed from jaybird88 and tourist.
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    God does provide - Yahweh-Jireh

    I read this just now to my 15 year old homeschooled boy. He commented some during the reading and then his final comment after reading it all was: "So now the guy is mad that he brought his friend!" :)
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    Why was Cain's offering rejected by God?

    So what can we glean from this (about the offerings)? It convicts me to give my first fruits to God, in faith, as men of faith have been doing since the beginning of time, as we see here. And apparently it's an important part of our Christian walk, and a big part of pleasing God.
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    Why was Cain's offering rejected by God?

    It says that Abel brought "fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock" so I would say that he gave his "first fruits" so to speak. It doesn't say anything like that in the description of Cain's offering -- it simply says he brought "some of the fruits of the soil". Those descriptions...
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    Lauren Daigle

    I love her songs and I love her testimony about her grandfather. who spent so much time with her as a child and inspired her to use her talents for the Lord, and how she sacrificed her Nashville career debut to go stay with him during his last days with cancer and see him go into glory. I would...
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    The tower of Babel

    Best to get it straight from the source! :) In this case, it's only 9 verses to read :) Though it's some real meat to mediate on. :)
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    The tower of Babel

    Hi AmericanCrusader, welcome to Christian Chat. About your question about the tower of Babel and what you heard about why God stopped it: There's no mention of the people taking idols into the tower or planning to. It's more so making an "idol" of the tower itself, or perhaps making an idol...