Care Credit

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Senior Member
Jun 28, 2014

Is there anyone here that has used the following online service provider?

I've been using the wrong insurance for at least the past 25 years or more and paying greatly every month with no reason of ever using this.

My current health coverage only kicks in if I have some horrible, searing accident, like if my head fell off and it will then pay for my expenses in full, up to several millions of dollars.

I wish that I could get all of that money back for paying into such a worthless policy over these years. I'm so stupid. :(

Anyway, I probably need something done that will cost around ten, possibly twenty grand and my insurance could care less on this.

It's not extreme enough for them to cover for any procedures with such a low billing statement.

I'm not sure what is financially possible with the treatment that I would like done, and I've never been good with insurance policies.

Asking for a little help on this.

Any private messages are welcomed.



Senior Member
Feb 21, 2014
Aww, you're not stupid, Addison. :)

I've heard of care credit, but never used it.
Jul 25, 2015
I have used care credit and still do. Mainly for my vet bills and dental. They are excellent! Great customer service and their billing clearly shows when the balance is due in full before interest accrues. I believe you have 12 months zero interest.

I have no idea if they offer extended no interest rates for procedures that cost significantly more. It would be worth checking into.

Addison have you tried to inquire about financial support/payment plans from the hospital or wherever you will be having the procedure done? Many times they will offer a payment plan for you with zero interest.


Senior Member
Aug 12, 2011
the office i work for takes care credit. i've never dealt with them myself... just when i'm taking a payment from a patient lol.

so... this post has no info to offer lol! :D
Aug 2, 2009
the office i work for takes care credit. i've never dealt with them myself... just when i'm taking a payment from a patient lol.

so... this post has no info to offer lol! :D
Actually it does provide good info... it shows that its a legitimate insurance provider. :)
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Senior Member
May 26, 2016
Addison :)

i have no knowledge of Care Credit, but i do know a little about medical billing.
insurance companies have deals with medical providers that include what's usually referred to as
"usual and customary" or "reasonable" service costs. this means hospitals, labs and docs have deals with insurance companies that limit the cost of services dependent on geographical area.

to illustrate: two of my cousins had appendectomies a few years ago in the same calendar year. they live in the same city.
one had insurance; one did not.
the cousin with insurance had appendicitis 4 months before her sister. when she got the bill, it showed what was paid, let's say, for the sake of simplicity, $100. ( ;) )

four months later, her sister went to the same hospital for the same problem, got the same treatment, but as self-pay her bill was $1000. again, that's a for-the-sake-of-argument number, but her bill was literally ten times what her sister's insurance company paid. she told them, before she left the hospital, she would write them a check for what her sister's insurance company paid, and they accepted the offer. (!)

i'm just suggesting that, in addition to a payment plan, you might question the billing department about paying what they'd get from an insurance company. ask them about "reasonable and customary" costs.
why the medical world assumes those who self-pay can afford so much more than an insurance company escapes me. :rolleyes:

hope that might help you in some small way. may the Lord bless you! :)