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  • James! I’m glad. It was one of my favourite bible readings too. <3
    Haha, thank you Addison. I guess I must accept my big faced glam.
    Thank you Addison! My face looks big but whatever haha. Your avatar looks the same... yesterday, today and forever haha.
    hmm, hello Addison, i guess you were friends with ultimatum77, would you like add to me as friend as i know ultimatum77 too... if ya like, if not, i got no problem too :D have a good day
    Haha. Well, I'm gonna try Yamaha and see if I could one for $37 and for 1 month. Lol!
    Hey Addison! I'm glad you're still here too! I'm listening to it now. It sounds beautiful. It makes me want to play again. I miss my keyboard. I don't know if I told you but the one I had, it was a Korg Kross (which I deeply loved), I sold last year. To pay for my school fees lol. I also hadn't had time to play music because of school and ministry (and work). I'm dying to buy a new one, a cheaper one. Maybe a yamaha. Hmm. By the way, how have you been?! I hope things are doing well with you :)
    Join Date June 28th, 2014 Happy CC Anniversary.
    I just read your post in Streams and I am so, so sorry. It's horrible that you are being punished for being an honest person. :( Will be praying for you and your family throughout the day. Again... so sorry to hear this. :(
    Hey Addison ...hope your doing well. Try to catch you tomorrow
    Hi Add,
    Been out of current/net for 2 days due to power outage where I live lol....yea win7 has built in Java but you need to download the latest version Java8 for it to work properly otherwise select the installer for Java 7 for UMS it may work b/c W7 uses an older java .....but

    Here is the 32 bit
    Java JRE 8 Update 112 (32-bit) Download for Windows /

    64 bit
    Java JRE 8 Update 112 (64-bit) Download for Windows /

    Java 8 update 112 I believe and then try to install the UMS after installing the above and possibly restarting....
    Well for a guy like me who has few friends, I consider you one of them :) I can relate to some of the things you post about life in general a lot...and it's funny b/c you have 2 decades worth of more life experience than me (no I'm not dogging your age lol) but it's like your posts are like looking into a mirror lol...some crazy stuff right there...I enjoy reading your posts about how life seems bad and trudging through disappointments....its encouraging :D
    Yes please do, I need all I can get :) no seriously yea! Oh btw keep me posted on how the UMS program works out for you... :)
    I shant be offended if thou choosest to unfriend there is my Shakespearian melodramatic response :P
    Really? The link I posted on your message wall should be clean, I downloaded it and installed it w/o anything installing at all? Be sure to use the

    the newer version is locked down but the older one (link above) is free.....that's strange

    Try this link:
    and to be safe once downloaded....turn off your wifi and install it then restart (though I never had it install anything additional before...just saying)

    Download Free Studio - Download -
    Did you try the universal media server should stream to almost any device...

    Also I get that error with my sony tv not reading mp4 correctly (good video but no sound) so the program free studio is great b/c it uses a universal codec of some sort that works on all devices including WMP, Media center and android tablet apps like VLC or Rocket Player.....

    Be aware though it takes a while to convert but it's free and does a good job on quality so worth the wait imo....
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