Casting out demons?

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Senior Member
Jun 30, 2014
I'm just curious if anyone here has had a demon cast out of them. Or if you yourself by the power of Jesus casted out a demon.


Senior Member
Dec 11, 2014
I do not, but if you read chapter 12 of Cor 2, Paul talks about having a demon on him tormenting him, and he wrote that when he pleaded with God the 3rd time to take it away, God responded to him "My grace is sufficient enough for you, my power is made perfect by weakness".

There could be times you have a demon on you that you cant get rid of. That doesnt mean that you are doomed, it means that it is Gods will that the demon is tormenting you.

"For the good of those who love Him, all things happen"


Personally, no. But I have exorcised some really obnoxious and troublesome customers. :D



Did you get an answer from others?

I attend Seoul Sungrak Church( and I share some part of the book What is the devil written by our senior overseer.

Chapter 10: The authority to cast out demons (Matthew 12:28)
Before Jesus came into the world, no one had ever cast out demons. Even after Jesus wsa born into the world, not one demon was cast out until His public ministry started. The Old Testament prophets were anointed with much power. Moses brought forth drinking water from rocks and divided the Red Sea. Elijah and other similar prophets worked many miracles. However, no prophets ever cast out demons from people.
Why couldn't anyone cast out demons in the Old Testament? Why did such phenomenon start to occur from Jesus' ministry? The reason is that no one in the Old Testament had authority. Old Testament prophets had power, but New Testament Christians possess both authority and power.
We all must cast out demons just as Jesus commanded. To cast out demons, we must definitely acknowledge the authority of Jesus in us. Also, we must pray more and more. If we do not pray, then it would be difficult to cast out demons because of the lack of power. When the disciples asked why they could not cast out certain demons, Jesus said that those would not go out except through prayer (Mark 9:29). Prayer mobilizes angels. If you pray more, then you can use more angels. We have now learned that we possess the greatest authority. I challenge you to pray more and to possess greater power in Jesus' name!


Whatever happened to JMO? I miss seeing her posts around the forums.


Yes, I've encountered demons multiple times, and I just recently got rid of her for good. The way I (well not me, technically it was Jesus who did it) got rid of Filkisilk was with Holy Water. Here is how you bless the water.

How to Make Your Own Holy Water (with Benediction)


There is no such thing as holy water. It more resembles magic than anything a Christian should be doing.

First of, I believe that most "demonic manifestations" have natural explanations:
- Sleep paralysis / nigthmares , mental illness , hallucinations for various other reasons

Secondly, if there IS a demon, the way to get rid of it is to call upon the name of Christ, not using manmade rituals

PS: This is an old thread