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  • Hey, YB. That sucks T_T Missed your insights in the forums. I hope you get a new one haha.
    Great to see you back!!! We've missed you. :)
    Hey hey friend. I hope you're doing well. :)
    Well I do hope you can still get tickets. Oh I have a younger brother too and he loves anime too lol, but I was kinda the one who taught him about it, but he's a teenager now and just wants to be left alone lol he don't wanna watch me with anymore >.< Yeah, I don't watch much TV either, of course 'cept anime, but I just stream online especially when i'm working night shift and has nothing to do in the office.. we get to do what we want as long as our systems remain up so it's cool. I finally got to finish my first homework! so I slept for like 10 hrs after that haha. Alright, I hope you have a peaceful day :D now i gotta start working on my second homework. great catching up with u! :D
    My first fanfic was embarrassing, I posted it 3 months ago and forgot about it. Yesterday, when I checked the email I used for the fanfic site, I found I had followers a couple of reviews and a couple o other people who favourited my awful story.

    So, I was inspired to update it and I asked for help from someone here, Depleted, because she writes books and she gave me lots of really helpful tips and I just got really really excited about writing more lol, it's a Naruto fanfic I don't think you'd recognize like it >.<

    Oh and haha, I may be too mainstream for Todd Rudgren (I haven't heard of him), it's an Adele reference lol.
    Haha true, it's the official time to stop adulting, not a care in the world... until I see my mountain of laundry. At least that's what happens to me on days off lol.

    Oh, the landlord didn't say anything about it? That must have been really annoying. Whose concert?

    And yes, I just started three months ago. Actually, and this might be long lol (wish you watched anime tho >.< ) Cuz i love anime, I sometimes can't get enough of the story (and sometimes the authors suck) so I read fanfiction and lately it's been bothering me that my feelings are being manipulated by fanfic writers!! True story, I kinda felt envious that they can do this awesome thing as write and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't.

    (CC won't let me write a novel on your wall lol have to break this in two)
    Nice! Yeah waking up on days off is one of the closest thing to heaven lol. It's my day off too, but I'm working on homework. Sucks but the more I work on these, the faster the days go and soon it'll all be over. That sounds exciting, you got new furniture or just re-arranging stuff? I may write some anime fanfiction after I finish my first homework :D
    Got your message. Welcome back! Here's some colour for your wall. :D

    Happy birthday! Hope your day is blessed.
    Hey, I saw your posts recently on having come out of the lgbt lifestyle and finding God. It was touching to read. I am sure I don't get the depth of your struggles and what you might be going through at the moment, but i sensed it. I hope you continue in the direction of seeking God. God bless
    You are always very kind to me in liking my posts. Thank you so much. :) I greatly appreciate it! And, I enjoy the insights and compassion you bring to the forum as well. Have a great day! :)
    Haha that's okay. I'm about to organise my mail and calendars too and maybe play some city building app on my phone xD Yeah your schedule sounds awful. I hope you get a day off soon and just sleep in all day, those days are the best xD Thanks, I'm obsessed with my new shoes xD xD Just thought I'd drop by. Oh are you excited for Christmas?!
    Hey Y_B, how have you been my friend?
    Hey it's totally fine. I do that too. Sometimes you just don't wanna think. Happens to everyone xD I'm cooking right now and studying for my last exam this term (idk why I'm here on CC xD) so I'll reply to you much later. Take care! I'll bbl.
    I love history too! I always think it's fascinating and I kinda regret not taking it seriously in high school. World history wasn't very interesting when all I could think of was hanging out with classmates. But now, I think it's really enjoyable. Have you watched the 'Night at the Museum' movies? He has the BEST job. lol. Yeah, I had to start over, it was a hard decision to make. Now I'm still working on my diploma, only after I get it, then I can work on my degree. It's also expensive so I'm trying to get a scholarship.
    Haha yes, maybe because the call center I worked for handled hotel guests and they were usually in a hurry. YES! That sounds like my dream job. Although I'm not so much into writing. I used to blog as an online job but it involves too much research and thinking xD. But maintaining company websites would be like a really cool job. Or designing new ones for other people. I know I like it when I forget to eat when I'm doing it.

    I don't work in a call center anymore. Now it's a network center for internet service, just basically try and fix internet issues.
    Haha yeah most callers in a call center hang up after the 3rd ring lol. Oh yeah I wanna be a web developer. I love designing websites and programming. I'm very monochromatic which works well with web pages (at least most of them). And I like problem solving, it keeps me on a high lol. My job now isn't really something I'd enjoy for the rest of my life which is why I took the plunge and went back to school (part time).

    Do you have plans of going back to school in the future?
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