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Nov 11, 2019
I was going to see CATS in Perth, WA years ago with my fiancee's relatives, but I got very sick and couldn't go :(
You're a trained dancer - how fascinating! I started learning dancing when I was younger. What sort of dancing do you do?

Thank you for asking.

I am trained, modern, ballet and jazz, no tap though, although I was never able to get up on point in ballet, perhaps if I had started as little girl I may have been able to, I danced with a small dance troupe back in the day.
Have done some choreography for local performances which has been fun.
I have danced in churches as well, interpretative/liturgical type of stuff, looking back not so sure how I feel about it now.

CATS is having a resurgence maybe it will come back and you get to go this time.:)

This will be fourth time I think... every time it comes to town... I go see it.

They are also making a movie... although the previews look a little freaky... but I would still see it, I love the musical score.


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Aug 17, 2019
Respect for animals usually translates to respect for human beings? I think so.
“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

This is a car decal for cat ladies.
I saw a bumper sticker once that had a tiger picture followed by: One cat away from being a lady.
:LOL: I don't even want to think of the size of that litter box.

I like that sticker.
My neighbors would think I'm a cat lady since all the cats that are strays in my area come here.I feed any little creature that's hungry. I donate to food banks, that I wish would accept pet food donations because needy families can also have pets in need of food, so why stop at humans in need? Four footed or winged, I'm there.