[email protected] audacity of this scam...

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Apr 18, 2013
There are some crazy Christians in the world... crazy churchgoers.
These are crazy parishioners who will fall for anything.
Sometimes these crazy parishioners fall for crazy ministers and join crazy churches.

Sometime I think this is sad.

But sometimes I think, "Well, I guess crazy ministers keep the crazy parishioners out of MY church."




Well-known member
Dec 15, 2018
I dont watch tv, even christian tv cos of scammy televangelists. America has a reputation for them. The one tv we have in the house, has an OFF switch.
Aug 27, 2017
sadly, if people would not respond he wouldn't be doing it

most of tv so called Christian shows are nothing but infomercials about where to send your $$$

my favorites are when they ask for a 'donation' rather than just sell whatever

can't loose that non-profit though :sneaky:
Aug 27, 2017
on the other hand we do have actual miracle water at our house

it makes plants grow, fills the dogs water bowls, washes all the grubbies off and a whole buncha other things :giggle:


and here is the real miracle...I can turn it into coffee :coffee::coffee::coffee:
Aug 17, 2019
Maybe the water does work. Peter Popoff, love that name, pop off, is seventy-three years old with jet black hair. :p

I've watched this commercial for his miracle water. He's taking advantage of desperate people seeking relief of their monetary debts and leads them to believe God will bless them if they buy this hoax. Which in the offering of this water by a self titled pastor of the words of God, implies desperate people's prayers that have not yet been answered by God shall be for the low low price of a magical potion.

Scam Everlasting: After 25 Years, Debunked Faith Healer Still Preaching Debt Relief Scam

These are what I call atheist wolves. Because, like his cohort in scams in the name of Christ Robert Tilton and many others, in carrying out these type scams they cannot possibly then believe there is a God that will call them to answer at their judgment.