Praying in Sleep

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Jul 9, 2014
So, I really didn't know where to post this.... Anyhow I would like to state this was the first time anything like this happen to me. I came home yesterday from working about two o'clock, fell asleep around 5pm. Later on, woke up at 8:30-Closer to 9pm. Then ended up staying up until one or two o'clock in the morning. Finally, I feel asleep, but woke up sparling(s/p) about 315ish I woke up praying "Lord, Hold Me up, In Christ Jesus, Amen!" I kept repeating this. Has any had this happen to them?


Senior Member
Aug 27, 2017

I have prayed in my sleep a number of times or found myself praying as I was falling asleep

it's really pretty interesting IMO and illustrates the Holy Spirit in the believer


ME too! I thought God if i won’t talk while i’m awake might as well be in my sleep.


Senior Member
Feb 23, 2016
Do you remember the dream you were having, Milothethird?
Jul 9, 2014
No I just remember not getting to point where I was having a dream. I just kept waking up since I usually have to be up by 5amish somewhere around that time frame. But I just remember those words coming from mouth, and I said I guess it is time to wake up.


Senior Member
Aug 28, 2012
Well I can't say I have woken praying persay but I have woken uttering things. normally I cannot remember what I was dreaming but sometimes I can and understand why I woke up saying what i say. For instance one time I was dreaming that the devil was holding me down and whispering in my ear how weak I am and how I won't make it and how I am nothing and in the dream my strength and life was being sapped to the point where it appeared as a very small ember of a flame but even then I had faith in God and I refused to give in to his words and suddenly I jolted up in my bed with a fire in my soul yelling I refuse to give up.

other times I don't remember anything from night and wake up saying things that don't make sense until later