Reprobate mind???

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Senior Member
Jul 2, 2011
A mind made reprobate by God is unsaleable. For not having God in mind they were turned over to reprobate minds.............they denied God in all they did.


Called of God
Dec 17, 2017
I don't think you understand what a reprobate mind is, and neither does your Pastor.

A reprobate mind is a conscience that has been seared to the point that it no longer feels remorse or regret for committing sin.

By the very fact that you are here and upset about your sin PROVES that you aren't a reprobate.

Satan is the one that is keeping you in fear. Your Heavenly Father is patiently waiting for His boy to come running back to His warm embrace. He loves you.
I reposted PennEd's response because he said it all. So did JaumeJ. If you were truly reprobate, you would not care what God thought. God does not give us a spirit of fear and He does not speak to us in an accusatory manner. That is the dark side talking, so quit listening.

2 Tim. 1:7
"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." :cool:


Senior Member
Jul 2, 2011
It is written and it is true, our Father will in no wise urn away a broken heart......... It is written, and the Holy Spirit testifies to it.

Psa 51:17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.


Senior Member
Jul 24, 2016
How can he love me after what I did? I have such guilt, and brokeness for what I did. How can God want me back?? How?
Gods love is perfect.. Not like our human love which is often dependant on others living up to the standards we set..

God is longsuffering towards us in His perfect love.. His love is a gift and not earned.. So yeah if you believe God and trust in the Atonement He secured for your salvation you will be saved..No matter how unworthy you may believe you are..


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2017
Hello Everyone.
So, how bad do you have to be for God to have a reprobate mind about you? I did something very bad in my church. All for love. My live has NEVER been the same since. I once was so so close with God. I'd get up every morning, early, to spend time with Him, and pray. I taught Sunday school, was an intercessor in the church, on the prayer team, and the treasurer of the church. But then I gave into sin, and now I am on the other side of the spectrum, so far away from God. I try to read the bible, but all I can think is how can I ask God for ANYTHING after what I did. How can He love me or want me still???
I am really needing prayer and guidance, but I don't know where to turn.
Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words: Reprobate

(b) of persons, Romans 1:28 , of a "reprobate mind," a mind of which God cannot approve, and which must be rejected by Him, the effect of refusing "to have God in their knowledge;"

2 Tim 3:7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

2 Tin 3:8 Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.
(NOTE: vs 7 ever learning, yet, vs 8 resist the truth)

KJV Dictionary Definition: Reprobation

When a sinner is so hardened as to feel no remorse or misgiving of conscience, it is considered as a sign of reprobation.

toofargone, in post #20 you said: "QUOTE My heart is filled with sorrow, deep remorse, and constant aguish and deep regret over my sin; the regret of what I had done fills me DAILY.

toofargone, Reread the KJB Dictionary definition. Your post is clear, you have/feel remorse. When Christ said; It's Finished. He was speaking of His redemptive SIN ATONING sacrifice. At the Cross, Christ forgave YOU! Time to forgive yourself & move forward.


Senior Member
Aug 20, 2017
The way how I understand the reprobate mind is a mindset so detestable that the actions committed by said person says it all. Look at the reference in Titus 1:16, actions speak louder than words.

One of the most detestable and disgusting thing that I can think of, is this concept of "gender identity/gender fluid" that is being taught to children as soon they start school. Teachers that teach children right from a early age they can be whatever gender they want, confusing their minds.

Now what of priests who support this same-sex transgender agenda? Have a read up on Archbishop Desmond Tutu. This archbishop would rather go to hell. Priests like this are a great threat as they will want to drag as many down with them.

And this whole entire same-sex transgender agenda that is being forced upon people is just another example of how detestable the mindset of the individuals concerned has become. So detestable, that the people involved in the editing and publication of the Queen James Bible had to rewrite certain verses so as to justify their lifestyle.


Senior Member
May 6, 2017
My heart is filled with sorrow, deep remorse, and constant aguish and deep regret over my sin; the regret of what I had done fills me DAILY. I have just now began to listen to christian music without extreme pain! And still, often, I have to turn it off because its too painful to think God would have anything to do with me, after I betrayed Him! How could I have been so selfish and foolish! All just to feel loved. I cannot comprehend how God would want me back; how He would desire me, or even rain down His compassion and mercy on me, who CHOSE sin! I knew what I was doing! I loved God with almost everything in me; accept i was still so deeply lacking in feeling loved. And that blinded me, took my memory of how much God once loved me. Submurged in my sin, I forgot the most beautiful love that I had, God's love.
Perhaps, this could be just a glimps of how Adom and Eve felt after they sinned. I try to believe again, but hearing the words of that pastor over and over again, keeps bringing me back to the belief that I am a nothing, and I must be a waste to God.
How Can it be! Song by Laura Daigle

I dare not look to God. How could I? How could I fade the one that I was once so in love with???