why every american should stand and Honor the Flag

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Senior Member
Aug 23, 2017
I fear for some of you with this ideology.. time to decide where your heart be.. if you are Children of GOD then you can not get caught up in this world and its pride.

Anyone reaching for the Old Testament to justify blood shed condemns themselves because the Messiah said we are not to love our lives here and those who live by the sword die by the sword.

I have family who died for their flag and told it is for our freedom today.. and to say otherwise would be an insult.. because they believed that they fought for good... but friends you see not the darkness without the light of GOD.

Where is it written that we should devote ourselves to the world and the pride that leads to not Loving even our enemies?

Tell me will you pray for them that despise you or kill them?
Lol, where do you get that from? You just make off the wall judgements based on some notion.

If we were called to be absolute pacifist then Christ would have rebuked the centurion instead of commend him for his faith. Willfully fighting in war does not mean one must hate and curse the enemy.

You basically just called Americans apostates, we don't see the darkness without the light if God? An unrighteous judgement based on some thought you have.
Jun 1, 2016
I see America being at the centre of many problems in the world and the middle east, while trying to portray itself as the good shepherd, and the good policeman. But you will absolutely disagree, of course.

some of the anti american stuff on here seems to come from vladimir putins speech on american exceptionalism. How america thinks thier better than everyone and go around causing all these problems in the world, its anti american propoganda.

america is a democracy, built on Human values, Human rights. so when america who simply is the most powerful nation on earth right now, sees schoolhouses being gassed with sarin in syria, or people put in concentration camps in north Korea, or people in myanmar being ethnically cleansed and slaughtered By thier own governments........those democratic values and Human rights in our constitutional beliefs and Ideals, sort of warrant that we do something to Help rather than turn our Heads and say " well, we dont want to be thought of as interfering"

true america Has bigots, racists, cops who shouldnt be cops, we have crooked politicians running the country ect ect but thats what democracy and all the freedom we act as if were free of charge, is alot of People who have the right to disagree, so we are always going to have issues in Our country, the constitution however is what is represented the perfect Ideal of ameruica, Our values that we Hold High.

what exactly are you saying america is causing all these conflicts? Guys Like saddam Hussein bring wars on themselves, when they break international Laws for the use of chemical weapons on thier own People, People Like bashaar al assad gassing 1400 People in a city center, over 400 under the age of 10 2 years ago in syria, massive buildings built to burn Bodies so peo;ple dont see whats happening, the world is not a peaceful place where everyone is holding Hans and singing. there are nations today that systematically Kill thier people because of ethnicity. we have groups Like isis, Bokoharram, the taliban and Hundreds of other groups slaughtering children, Kidnapping and selling young girls in africa. what SHOULD the Country that has the Powe rto stop those Kinds of things do?

Should we try to be politically correct and say we condemn it and then change the subject? or should we drop the Hammer on these people and Liberate those being oppressed and slaughtered>?

hitler, the russian stalin era, the chinese famines, the Noirth Korean famines, the african famines and diseases and pestelence. the World is chaotic as is, america isnt the Bad Guy, America is imperfect and Has Morals and values that we stand up for some things are well worth wars it has been that way since time began. But america is certainly not the issue with the World. im really tired these days of the anti american sentiment, we should start using our full capability against some of the evils out thers and get the chaos in check.