Is Working Out Circumventing God’s Design?

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Active member
Aug 17, 2020
Southeastern USA
I don’t think it’s vanity to work out. Many enjoy it for their own personal fulfillment of
Gaining speed and strength and enjoy it as a past time verses watching tv. It’s also not wrong to want to create a better body to attract a certain type of mate. Wanting to look better to help open doors to more attractive people is not wrong. It’s normal and heathy.

When I was single and looking for a woman my typical process was this.
1. Find women I’m attracted to physically.
2. Get to know them and find women I’m attractive to physically who also shares common interests and we sync up well mentally.
3. Out of those women I find one that shares the same religious outlooks as me. They must be Christians.
4. Out of those find a woman who manages their own life well and are educated. I want a spouse who can help raise kids, not just pop them out.

So I looked for Christian , athletic science nerd women who was around may age (26-34) who enjoyed being in nature and had a college degree and career plan. In return I imagine they expected the same from me. They don’t want someone whose sloppy and at risk of a heart attack at 54 leaving them alone.

What we can’t do though is base everything in solely looks and neglect the mental and spiritual aspects of our life.
Jan 8, 2021
There is some questions as to whether or not Olive Oyl was the mother of Sweet Pea.

In a 1933 comic strip Sweet Pea appears at the door of Popeye in a box. Popeye adopts Sweet Pea. Olive Oyl and Popeye did indeed get married in a short movie theater production in 1939 and they had spinach for breakfast.

Based on this it appears that Olive Oyl was not made an unwed mother by Popeye but rather became Sweet Pea's mother by reason of her marriage to Popeye.

That is the Popeye, adopted son Sweet Pea and subsequent wedding of Popeye and Olive Oyl narrative, Regardless of whether or not the narrative is accurate please keep in mind that none of this stuff actually happened because these are comic characters after all.

I could also give you my take on Superman if you want me too but again, the Man of Steel is Not Real.
Do iron Man next😂 I've always wondered


Sinner saved by grace
May 29, 2018
Anaheim, Cali.
I studied the body for years. In an attempt to perfect a training program that balances our hormones and uses them to naturally cause a desired effect, I became quite familiar with the endocrine system. This isn’t about how to, I figured that out. This is about, should we? God designed not just the body but He programed the system to react and adapt. When we hack this system albeit naturally, are we interfering with God’s intended design? For example, I know that many things cause testosterone production and release. This increases sexual appetite and aggression, basically Alpha engineering. If I have no reason for my libido to be in overdrive and no enemies to fight, is this just hormonal gluttony. It’s like building muscle for no purpose other than to look at. In many ways it is feeding the flesh and seeking approval from men and women and not God. This isn’t about fitness. When I was at my fittest and I would argue homeostatically perfect, I reached an undeniable connection with the Holy Spirit. This question is for bulking without purpose. I have no sports to train for, and am already more than physically capable to do my job. Is any excess vanity?
Oh brother. In answer to the opening question being lazy is against Gods design. Vanity is just a waste and can be sinful depending on other factors like pride and narcissism.
Sep 5, 2018
Absolutely not. God calls us to take care of our bodies. I'll share with you a personal example. In Feb of 2020, I fell 14 ft off a shelving unit onto a concrete floor. I fell almost flat on my back. I broke my back, my wrist and hit the back of my head pretty hard. (was bleeding).

Until that point, I lived a very healthy lifestyle. I worked out, ate well, and was physically strong. The development of those muscles, the strength of joints, and the way I treated my body, allowed me to not only survive the fall, but to get up, and get myself help. It also allowed me to recover much more quickly than I would have otherwise.

Don't use God's design as an excuse. He didn't design us to eat the junk that we do, or be lazy sloths. Keep in mind the Bible also teaches against laziness.
Feb 28, 2016
as we age, we come to realize just how fragile and how swift is our 'time here', in this blessed, beautiful, GARDEN' -
the un-holy distractions that now beset our world and have over-taken so many of our kin/friends, etc., is beyond heart-breaking,
and out of our control -
hub and I can only receive Spiritual comfort from our grief through Christ's Love/Promises, and we know that our prayers are heard...