Top 10 Natural Pain Killers (And more= Turmeric, Cats Claw, Kratom, and for cleansing Carnavora)

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Aug 17, 2019

Herbal Alternatives to Pain-Killers (Opioids & NSAIDs) (*NSAID=Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug)
*Turmeric is mentioned in this 2nd video. (As well as Cats Claw). Turmeric's property Curcumin has been under study for years as a supplement for symptoms of Parkinson's. It also helps cognitive functions.

Kratom, is from the coffee plant family and is an east Asian herb. It is growing more and more popular in the west and for its effects on a number of maladies. Pain, arthritis, and more. Kratom can be taken in tea form or in capsule. Standardized extract is best for the most concentrated medicinal properties.
Kratom is not an opiate however it is able to assist with opiate pain killer withdrawal symptoms such as:
  • Cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Sleeplessness
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
Carnavora (PDF)

Critical Health News.Com & there's a radio show also. Natural remedies, with a Doctor and Pharmacist.

I hope this helps those in need. Blessings.


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Feb 28, 2016
sharing from personal, (both) of us throughout many decades going back to the 70's =
hub and I both were feeling a little 'different' even way back then;
we didn't know each other until the mid 70's, and then it was only on a business level =
but we were on a similar journey, as he was frequenting a 'health-food-store at the beach
where he lived, and going to a chiropractor and acupuncturist...
as for myself, I didn't really live that far away from where he lived.
I was experimenting with a 'co-op', all fresh and just picked, and all I had to do was drive down the road
and pick and choose which vegs=fruits that I wanted for that week; also, I was buying Shaklee products,
trying to go 'green', even though I didn't KNOW IT!!!, and visiting a 'health-food-restaurant at the beach,
at the same time He was, but of course, not knowing this at the time - I'm saying this in this way so that
some can relate and see how we were being drawn-out of the 'common-market/world' and being drawn together
'in the 'same-time-frame'...

and this brings us up to NOW and our own-together experiences concerning (PAIN-PHARMIKIA)
they made us 'both' DRUG-ADDICTS!, won't go into detail, but we both had a ring in our nose and followed
the 'devil down the rabbit-hole' -

it is obvious to us that The Lord had His Hand in ALL of our going-forth...