All the way from Italy to spread the working of the Lord for the Healing of Humanity

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Aug 25, 2019
Dear brothers and sisters,
thank you for accepting me in this great community doing the Lord's work, supporting one another and offering good and helpful advice.

In the past when I googled for some Christian advice about something, I often got some from your site, so I finally decided to see if I could subscribe and you accepted me, very grateful for this.

I saw you have a thread about World problems and one about Natural healing.
I guess these will be the threads where I will contribute the most because they are the ones where I have collected the most information.

Please forgive me for any grammar mistake, English is not my mother-tongue but I will try my best to express myself clearly at all times.

I started my studies into natural healing about 25 years ago, I covered most topics and most of the ailments that are currently afflicting humanity
and found good alternative info and solutions for most of them.

Of course nothing is comparable to the works of the Lord, but we know that he works in mysterious ways too and I hope some of the things I learnt
may be helpful to some here on the forum

I am active in my community in the same line, helping people and trying to share what is going on in the world so that all may awaken to see that
we need to change our ways, take care of each other, of all living creatures and the planet because they are our responsibility here on earth.

I hope to make some new friends and to be of service to the community

Thanks for having me
God Bless


Senior Member
Jun 30, 2015
Welcome to CC, Ellie! Canada here. We have better winters, but you have better food. :)


Senior Member
Jan 15, 2017
Hello Ellie, we are so glad that you have joined us here at Christian Chat. I know that there is much that we can learn from one another. Hope you find many friends and good fellowship here. Welcome! :)


Hi! Good morning 😊 Welcome to CC Ellie 😊 glad to meet you! See you around the forums 😊

God bless you ❤


Well-known member
Oct 23, 2018
Welcome to CC Ellie and nice to meet you. I look forward to hearing from you at the forums. My grandmother was from Italy, God bless!


Senior Member
May 24, 2014
Welcome to CC, sister Ellie! Very nice intro! We are so glad you came:) God bless you!