Let's pray for each other

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Junior Member
Nov 14, 2017
Hello I am Sharon, I moved to Florida a few months ago and I have not found any type of permanent employment ever since. I love animals and I love talking to people. Please pray that I may get a job in a Hospital or a job that involves animals. I'm exhausted of feeling useless, I feel like sometimes my life is just a pretend, like there isn't really anything genuine, I miss my family they live in another state far away. I don't understand why I feel so sad certain days, I believe in the Heavenly Father, I believe in Christ, I love talking to God and going to church, so how come i still feel this way? Why can't I be joyful ? Please pray for me. I love to pray


Senior Member
Feb 21, 2014
Then go to the prayer requests forum and post a request. :) Welcome to CC.


Senior Member
Mar 13, 2014
Always good to meet another Floridian. How is it that you ended up in Florida? I moved here from Michigan in 1985 for economic reasons. I pray that God provides suitable employment for you. Have you tried temporary employment agencies? There are tons of those in this state and it is often a good way to enter through the door of a quality employer. You are definitely not useless so please don't think of yourself in that way. I believe that the cares and worries of this world can eventually suck the joy out of life. I also pray that God provides a season of refreshment of your spirit as you seem really down. Glad to have you join our family Sharon. Welcome to CC.


Senior Member
Nov 6, 2017
Welcome to CC, we'll definitely be praying for you :) The body can still feel sadness, whether by missing family or just being lonesome, but God will fix that, just keep your faith up and keep looking to Him! He has ALWAYS provided a way for His children, He will provide for you. But definitely keep looking. Prayer is huge, and we as a church should continually pray and exhort each other. If you haven't found a church to be a part of, I pray you'll find one


Senior Member
Apr 23, 2017
Welcome here you can discuss with bible smart people and possibly make new friends,hope you like it here!
Oct 19, 2016
Welcome to CC, Sharon.
I’m so sorry you’re feeling that way. I know how difficult it must be for you to stay away from your loved ones. Please know that I’ll be praying for you, asking the Lord to draw you closer to Himself, bless you with a good job, and take care of everything that concerns you. We serve a compassionate, loving God who knows and cares about every detail of our lives. Do you have a prayer cell or life group nearby where you can connect with people regularly? Please know that you can always come here to share and you’ll find a lot of help and support here. Cheer up, girl. Hugs!


Senior Member
Nov 28, 2014
I will pray you find joy in the Lord sister.You are not alone .God is with you.We are here for you .Welcome