Seeking contact with an omniscient being

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Jul 17, 2019
A question for SinnerByDesign: if you've been presented with evidence for faith, out of all the evidence, what is the strongest evidence of faith in your opinion?

if you are not up for a dispassionate discourse, then feel free to walk out the door, you won't be missed.


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Mar 23, 2019
Hmmm, so lots of bible quotes. I'm not sure how this puts me in contact with an omniscient being...
I see here lots of disagreement about what the bible says, seems like a human creation.

Couldn't an omniscient being communicate its most important message with clarity?
It's a little unconvincing...

Still, the payoff of connecting with an omniscient being would be huge so I'm listening.
It seems you have a good deal of "fleshing" out to do.

Have you read the entire bible? Have you meditated on what it says? Have you considered God's most important message has been delivered?

Are you familiar with the flood? are you aware that there is extraneous evidence of the flood? Are you aware that that there is scientific evidence on the earth of a myriad of biblical events that should at least bring you to a place of respecting that there is "something" to scripture.

Anyone can get to that place.

So if you are genuinely interested I would encourage you to recognize your insignificance as a mortal being in light of his significance. That is NOT to say you are of no value or worthless but that is another discussion depending on where you ultimately align yourself. You are asking God to "prove" himself to you. You need to also realize when tempted in the wilderness the second response in Matthew 4:7 "You shalt not tempt the Lord thy God" KJV. Others say "to the test".

Realize also the reason why the flood is so important to this discussion. That already happened. What was the result? Focus on future events if you like (as described in revelation) but he is NOT a giver of empty threats.

Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. This can be translated reverence/respect also.

Consider also the story of Job and the Lord's response at the end of Job. For anyone seeking in a raised fist sort of fashion (which is what your post strikes me as) I would recommend this at some point during your journey. Note a raised fist is not "cursing" which is in no way an avenue to arrive at your goal.

We are here to pursue truth seeking avenues, those that glorify and magnify the Lord. We believe in his word. That any experiences of his spirit WILL line up with the word. We believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah and is the ONLY way to salvation and that it is necessary. If you aren't open to any of these statements I would suggest praying for conviction, your eyes to be opened, your will to be submitted. Many things honestly. Your path to the cross will be different than mine. He IS however the door. Start the conversation :)

Also remember that Enemy is a liar. He's NOT your friend. Don't get scammed man.


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May 24, 2014
Lot's of people have died for what they believe, even for other religions.
Have any of them died and rose again on the third day for you? He will reveal Himself to none but those with a humble, broken, and contrite heart. You must surrender all. Your choice. Count the cost of following Him. Count the cost of rejecting Him. That's the deal. His terms, not yours.


Jesus did not die far more than die for what He believed.
Well that does not make any sense :eek: Correction...

Jesus died for far more that what He Believed.... He died for all humanity