Two witnesses

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Senior Member
Mar 13, 2014
Yes, really. When someone doesn't capitalize God's name, they are referring to a different god. So if this person IS close to God, they should be capitalizing His name.
I am in absolute agreement on this as a sign of respect.


Senior Member
Dec 12, 2013
I’m written down as a prophecy in revelation
I actually ate the little book that taste like honey and made my stomach bitter
The angel handed me the book while he said take it and eat it up I ate it and felt so alive in Christ I was then told to prophecy to many nations Kings people’s true story if there’s any body out there that’s close to god and knows his voice he would tell u I’m no lie
Ummm......may I suggest that you seek professional are not the one that ate the book and too be frank you are delusional.....!!