Why are humans still so primitive ....even after thousands of years ...u have not grown much.

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This is the introduction section. You have not introduced yourself. Your primitive self should post this somewhere more fitting.

But, as a commentary, it's ironic that you word it in a way to suggest you have grown more.
And while doing so you cant even spell out the word "you".
It seems this growth you're referring is something you feel you've achieved. This may be a false perception as one so advanced would not be too lazy to write "you".
This advanced person would also understand what an introduction forum is.
And being a member for 2 years would also suggest that very simple comprehension.


Senior Member
Jun 30, 2015
That was a question?
Well, was it a question or not? The world of CC waits with bated breath for the answer! We'll let you know right after the break...


I don't know but when I heard about the word primitive for me it means living a simple life 😂 and I love that 😊 but anyway I know that s not the answer you are looking for 😉

So just let me welcome you to da family 😊 Welcome to CC and Good morning 😊

God bless you ❤


Daughter of the True King
Mar 28, 2018
Hello Trayon, since you’re new, I’m going to instead welcome you anyway lol welcome to CC, we are glad to have you here. A place of fellowship, prayers, encouragement and networking with other Christians from around the globe :)

See you around the forums!

Blessings ❤️ 8B0F0097-B8F1-48F2-A0F7-CADDBE5CD49D.jpeg


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Jul 24, 2016
That was a question?
The concept that human beings are evolving into a better version of themselves is not a Christian based concept.. It comes from unbelievers and their darwinian evolution mindset..

Human beings are the same today as they where in 2000 BC .. and they will remain the same until such time as the LORD decides to bring to an end this phase of history where human beings are the faulty. mixed up. walking disaster areas that we continue to prove ourselves to be time and time again..