Being Thankful for God.

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Sep 4, 2015
I was opened today to a realization of something. We all have energies about us. When you eat food, it is turned into energy, when YOU DRINK LIQUID... It is turned into energy... In your arms, after your heart, after the stomach... in an order that i don't remember that Matt informed me. I'll maybe whisper that later. When you take any kind of medication, that is transformed into energy. I was very "soft" feeling, and not trying to incriminate anyone... (Sorry buddy) :p... Wondered why my friend Matt was so much thinner than i was, not having a job. He let me in on a piece of knowledge about his diet... He kept insisting when i was with him... Okay dude we're going to drink some water, take this... plow it down you've got three sips. I was so full from sipping, drinking and eating with him it was almost stretching my stomach. But he kept insisting i go for it. So i obliged. What i had no idea of... and Matt made me aware of, is that his body image, which to me, looks much more like a working mans than i have ever seen on a LOT of people... Was achieved because he PARTAKES in God's Blessings. I deny myself, thinking "you've got to fast, lardo... it's the only way" So i've fasted probably 2 days no food or water... 1 day no food? Because Christ, in the Bible mentions how it is good for you. But what i was COMPLETELY oblivious to, is that when you keep doing this... and think it is the only way for you to live... You're saying... "Blessings? No Thanks, God... I don't need them". So punished for it eventually you will be. I'm talking in everything that doesn't lead to Death, even many things controversial and even unjustly outlawed. I had no idea how severely DEHYDRATED i was as a human being.... I had no energy to spare on my forearms at ALL. Just real thick arms up top. Worship God in Truth people, be Thankful to him by accepting his gifts. You will be rewarded, believe me.