Life in chapters

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Senior Member
Jun 28, 2009
Years ago i posted here thread about my unusual dreams that i knew are not normal dreams.

I was wondering what those dreams mean because as i believe God dont waste dreams about our future for just about entertainment. Well that thread have now its conclusion.

For years God have given me tens, even maybe hundreds of tiny dreams that show small 1-5 second glimpse of future. the situations in those dreams are always more or less absurd to my life situation and none of the dreams by themselves carry no significant information. However they always happen certain important event in my life. event i may not be aware when i see the dream. Finally each dream have unique mental imprint like seal that makes me forget them until the moment it happen and then i will realize the dream and very next thing that will happen before it happens.

These dreams seem have mapped my life from school to army, to girlfriend, marriage, divorce, getting job, marry again, having kids and latest my apply to new school. (i dont know results did i pass but today i had latest dream and only i can think is exams i took recently and should have results next week.

"Do not be worried , everything is planned and prepared in advance. God is in control and his resources are unlimited"