My Conversion over a 15 month period in rough form

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Senior Member
Jul 24, 2016
I read both posts.. And followed them pretty well i think.. Although sometimes i was confused..

Now some thoughts i want to share..

I believe God foreknows who will be and who will not be open to the Gospel offer of His Atonement..

I believe God can give signs and other spiritual experiences to those He foreknows will be accepting to His will..

I have believed in gifts of the spirit most of my life even though i did not realize they where gifts from God until i became a Christian in my early 20's ..

In my early life as a Child i would regularly maybe once ever 3 months have dreams that showed the future usually about a 3 second snippet of a future event. ( always a boring one) I would dream that event in a first person perspective with a perfect picture and also with sound included and a couple of months later that 3 second event would happen.. At first i was shocked to the core that i had dreamed something beforehand and it happened Exactly and i mean Exactly as i had dreamed it.. This just kept on happening every few months and it still happens but not as regularly..

After becoming a Christian I had longer symbolic dreams that had deep messages.. I had dreams where i relived events in my earlier life where my words had deeply hurt other people.. I believe God was showing me things i needed to be repentant for.. At the time of these event i had no idea how hurtful my words where but in the dreams when i said the things i had said to the other person I felt the pain of the other person,, it was devastating.. As soon as i woke up i would acknowledge my sin to God in prayer..

I have dreamed of future events that have not yet come true.. One concerning the Mediterranean island of Santorini which shall be leveled one day.. At the time i had no idea that an island called Santorini existed.. In the dream i saw the sky filled with what i thought was dark clouds. i was probably 30 meters off a coast in dark water and there was a woman standing on the shore.. And in the clouds there appeared white writing.. It said ""Thera shall be leveled"" .. Now after i saw that i became extremely excited and forced myself to wake up because this was the first time i had actually seen writing in one of these dreams.. So i ran to the computer and turned it on and googled Thera to find out who this woman was... But i found out it was not a woman.. The name Thera is used by volcanologists to describe the volcano that is in the Mediterranean sea.. The very top of this Volcano pokes out of the Mediterranean sea and it is called the Island of Santorini.. Looking at some web sites i found out that it was an exclusive holiday location. very expensive to stay there.. mostly for the rich and cruse liners that have short visits.. So i understood what the dark clouds where in my dream after i found out about this place.. They where not water clouds they where dark volcanic ash clouds..

The other experience i have had is Healing... In my time i have healed 3 people that i know of.. first time a little girl who was sick and crying for her mother at the same time.. I had read the Bible and knew about the laying of hands.. Of course i understood that these diverse gifts are given one to one person and another to another person so i did not assume that my prayer and laying of hands on the little girls head would result in a healing.. But it happened and it was immediate.. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head and she said i feel betta and looked down at a class of water her brother had given her and said with a shocked expression,, ""it must have been the water"" At the time i was just as shocked as she was..

My dad had open heart surgery and had been sent home and was incapacitated.. my mother who was old needed help.. My dad needed to get out of bed by he could not get up and was in some pain.. my mom asked for help and as i went into the house i asked God for help.. I was not asking for a healing at the tie i was just asking God to help me get dad out of bed without causing him too much pain.. So i reached down and slipped my hand under his back and gently lifted him to a sitting positon.. During this a stunned look came over his face and again his eyes where nearly popping out of his head and all he could say was "" somethings happened... Something's changed"" And from that moment on He could get out of bed by himself and move around.. He was not totally healed that took a few more weeks but He was healed to the point in that instant where he no longer needed any assistance and was independent..

I also believe that many signs can and are faked by scammers..

I also believe there are what the Bible declares as Lying signs and wonders that are by the power of satan used to deceive people and lead them into false religions.. That's why it does not matter what signs i ever see i am more interested in what kind of gospel that person is preaching..

So i believe it is possible for satan to give visions and dreams to people so as to get them to join or establish a church to promote a false Jesus with false doctrine so as to then draw away Christians from the truth into their cult and in so doing cause them to be eternally lost..
Apr 26, 2012
That's great about your father. I know of one healing. I was very depressed and when depression is that bad, you can get a little foggy. But I was delivering papers in the 1980's, and saw a lady from the door who was very I'll. Somehow I sensed her condition was also spiritual, and I had never prayed for anyone like that, but I was moved by compassion and asked to pray for her. Some 25 years later the pastor of a church recognized me and said his wife had been healed. I was amazed and thankful, and it helps my faith now because I can say, "well, it happened before, it can happen again.". It's just as well that I was not aware of it. It's definitely a "game-changer" as they say, and you have to be ready. Your prophetic dreams are a good sign that you will have more.