Nothing happened yesterday, but something.

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I woke up in my bed in my room.
(Considering 14 years ago, we faced losing our home and living in our car, that is something.)

My first thoughts were what chores to do this day.
(Considering 22 months ago, my first thoughts were if the hospital called during the night to tell me my hubby died, that was something.)

When I came downstairs, he wasn't here.
(Considering he has had insomnia for the last three weeks, I assumed he was out back in the garden, enjoying it before going to bed for the "night.")

I ate a peach, while marveling over the beginning of The Gospel of John, when I heard someone unlocking the front door.
(I found out, if someone came in to rob our house when I'm sitting here, my reaction is to call out, "I hope that's you.")

He had gone to the store already. Why? Because he was worried that I had no bananas for breakfast.

We talked about the media, John McCann, Congress's ineptness, executive privilege, Roe v. Wade, and Seminoles. We solved America's problems yet again, knowing no one hears us.
(Considering he is my first source for news, and remembering months when I was blind to any news, it was as enjoyable as imagining winning the lottery.)

I wanted to do dishes and clean the kitchen floor, but he was out in the kitchen much of the day.
(I thought he was making himself an omelet. He was cutting up and marinating vegetables for dinner. Then he did the dishes, and cleaned another section of the wall. I was oblivious online.)

A week ago, bulgur wheat fell onto the kitchen floor. Despite getting the vacuum cleaner out immediately and despite sweeping since, my bare feet have tract it all through this floor, so I shook out the throw rug again, and swept the entire floor. More of it is in the trash now. As I look down, I see kernels stuck between the floorboards.
(How do such tiny grains grow to such large plants that feed so many?)

And I made phone calls to get frustrated, yet again, with the inept Veterans Affairs.
(Considering my last dealings with these same people went from trying to get hubby back to eating, but ended with him getting yelled at for something they knew he was doing already, I'd rather be wasting my hours finding out who sent us this $2878 bill from January 13, 2016 that should never have come, than that.)

He took grilling supplies out back into our garden. When I knew, yet again, the VA was lying when they told me they'd call back, I gave up and went out back with him. I picked the latest ripe grape tomatoes, and checked the progress of our last Cherokee Purple tomato, before sitting down with him. With him awake, it was time to see if our carrots are ready to harvest. They aren't, and that one carrot is too small to use. The roses are blooming again. The Russian Sage is attracting bumblebees. Teddy bear sunflowers are growing big in tiny pails. An admiral butterfly flittered between the butterfly bush's bloom and the black-eyed Susans. And a dove watched us on a wire over a neighbor's yard. A dove. Not a pigeon. We never get doves, but this was a dove. And we sat without the camera again.

A flurry of activity for turkey burgers with veggies on the grill occupied us for the next hour. The sweet potato never finished cooking, even by the time we were finished dinner, and too full for the grilled peach halves.

The sweet potato is on the counter in the kitchen waiting to be thrown into the composter. The peach halves were placed on peach bread while we watched Doctor Who. He went to bed at 11 PM and I at midnight. We both slept through the night.
(Considering he has had insomnia for three weeks, this is something.)

Nothing happened yesterday, except something did. In tiny ways I generally don't notice, God's providence held us together and safe for yet another day. And that is something.


Senior Member
Mar 13, 2014
God provided your daily bread yesterday and will do the same for today.


Senior Member
Feb 28, 2016
WHY Lynn, WHY do you always want to make me cry???:)hubby lovingly laughs
at my tears for you and John, because we both love you very much...
sending prayers and hugs...:)


WHY Lynn, WHY do you always want to make me cry???:)hubby lovingly laughs
at my tears for you and John, because we both love you very much...
sending prayers and hugs...:)
It was the peaches that did you in, right? lol


Senior Member
Jul 22, 2012
UK age 49
We forget to count our blessings when things are going right. :)