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Jan 27, 2019
When I sit in my meditation chair I can be so happy, realising that I am with God. I don't need words, just being with Him and loving Him is enough. Just as happy I can be when I realise how hard a time science and I can have to grasp the size and complexity of His creation. I perceive everything with a mind and with sense organs geared to love what comes to me from some sort of reality that we cannot know by itself, only through the faculties He gave us. Everything is and will forever be a mystery. Thank you, God! It is so wonderful to feel uncertainties make way for intense happiness with You.


Senior Member
Mar 13, 2014
I sit in my meditation chair too on the outside patio along with my coffee and smokes.


Senior Member
Sep 17, 2014
After i learned to read the Word right after getting up (and that is still dark and w/ mosquitoes outside), i just strive to find time to sit in the balcony before 7 when possible, to write, read or do other things, so i catch the morning sun for abt 30 min. too. It's like an extension of the quiet time w/ the Word, when i know i can get precious vit. D without 'supplements' and still talk with the Lord=)).