I don't know how to report this

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Senior Member
Jan 12, 2016
The sheer number of PM's the user has sent in a short time is a red flag for us, but it's not against the rules. Until someone provides evidence that he has broken a rule such as soliciting funds there is no reason for us to take action against him.
I have a hunch, it's headed that way.


Senior Member
Mar 13, 2014
[ QUOTE = Worrier]
Hello brethren,am pastor John Kennedy and now a member of this bible discussion site.I request your guidance and care through this to help me adapt.I would love to know you by name and please help me know the bible better through your guidance if you don't mind.Blessings
Spaces added by me. This was a private mail to me.
Me too. I never answer PM's from new members, especially those that send out PM the day they joined. I just delete these types of PM's.