Am I wrong!?!

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Dec 1, 2018
Do you realize that is NOT an answer?

You are saying only G-d knows… which He does.... but we do not …. so you do not know.... which is ok.... but I find this a lot from people who do not believe in internal security....

But you are saying by not taking a stance.... G-d is Severin He chooses who gets into heaven... There for Calvinism is not defended. …. Big hug and KISS IN THE LORD!!!!
I do think it is an answer. Scripture clearly teaches we can turn our back on God as evidenced by the transition scriptures. However that is not Calvinism. Calvinism teaches God causes, I said God knows. There is a huge difference....
Dec 1, 2018
Don't get me wrong about Paul. I firmly believe in how he breaks down our spiritual battle so we understand our common enemy is not standing before us, but as invisible entities trying to cause confusion, thwart our prayer life, and attacking us in ways cannot see until we see the effects of it.

I love how he breaks down the armor of God we are to apply in order to do more for God.

How he explains the fruit of the Holy Spirit and the gifts.

His life and trials are amazing examples of how to walk in God and overcome adversity.

His love for the churches he planted by keeping in touch is the perfect example of what a good shepherd does.

His boldness is inspiration.

His suffering reveals his ultimate love for God and those he has led to God.

His knowledge of the Torah is second to none.

How he conveys his failures and humanity makes him the perfect example of what a true Christian should strive for.

He basically is the Webster's dictionary of the Bible and especially the New Testament.

My own walk in God has been blessed by the example I have of Paul.

But in that same frame of mind, my own walk in God has never achieved more than the example I have from God (Yeshua).

Paul has enlightened me, but Yeshua has saved me.
Paul gives me depth in my walk, but Yeshua gives me eternal life.
Paul provides suggestions for all we face, but Yeshua provides the specifics that guarantees me salvation.
Paul gives a closer insight to the commands Yeshua instructs us to follow.
Paul laid his life down as Yeshua taught us to also do. And of course, Yeshua paid the ultimate price by laying His own life down.

No doubt Paul has much to offer.
There is no argument from me over that.

But for me and my own salvation, no one in my opinion explains it better than Yeshua. He keeps it direct, simple and to the point. There is just an awesomeness of knowing this is literally God instructing me how to be with Him forever. It's so simple, because all I have to do is just follow His commands and I am 100% guaranteed to win. And just knowing this is God, makes me understand how much He actually loves me. He knew that He would be the ultimate example of how we should be, what actually matters, and He did it by offering only what He (God) could offer, a "Guarantee." There is such a comfort in knowing that all I have to do is just obey Yeshua and I win. He is the source to everything in life. It only makes absolute sense to focus upon what God in the flesh tells me what to do. He is my biggest fan and supporter wanting me to succeed. I was on His mind while He suffered upon the Cross. This is all about being up close and personal. The Disciples nor Paul had no idea who I am. But the man from Nazareth claiming to be the great one and only I AM, knew me before He ever chose to lay the foundations of creation. He loved me so much, He came to the earth He created and dwelt among His own creation so that He could have Mercy upon us. After showing me just how much I meant to Him, why would I not follow His command? He more than proved by dying for me, that all He instructed me to do was the best choice of action to follow. And like He said, His yoke is easy. Just look at how simple His commands are that GUARANTEES me salvation and eternal life.

1. Just believe upon Him and who He is
2. Work out my salvation with fear and trembling
3. Love my neighbor like myself
4. Go and sin no more
5. Keep the faith

That is a recipe for an absolute Guaranteed eternal salvation. How can anyone ask for anything else?

1. Yeshua is God who loved me and had Mercy upon me
2. He gave me the simplest instructions with an absolute Guarantee if I follow them
3. And His commands are just that easy to do.

In my opinion, I have it all and everything I could ever want by just following what Yeshua (God) told me to do!!
That is enough for me..
I know that you have much human logic here, but simply there are plenty of scriptures that call into question your conclusion. Let me just remind you of this: For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. We are led when we are following. If you are trying to be faithful, you have nothing to fear. God Bless....