Can I have some advice in dealing with a housemate?

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Oct 10, 2021
First of all, apologies, this isn't directly linked to the Bible, although I'm always happy to hear from scripture.

I have an issue. Today, as I left the shower I noticed a plaster (band-aid for the Americans) I had around my finger had fallen off...I didn't think much of this, as it had mostly healed.

I came downstairs, and one of my housemates, a man twice my age said "I found your plaster in the I made sure I put it in the f$%*ing bin!"

I wasn't sure whether to apologise or thank I mumbled something of both. I saw him again five minutes and he said "I felt I had to say would you feel if you found a used plaster on the floor?"

I told him I personally wouldn't mind, particularly if it was a one-off occurance. He seemed surprised at my response, and then re-assured me that everything was fine.

He also has complained that the bathroom floor is wet after I take a shower, and that the kitchen floor is wet after the cleaners have mopped it.

Is he being unreasonable? Am I being inconsiderate? Please let me know. WWJD?
My opinion is its a bit kiddie to me. I'm pretty sure you and your housemate can resolve a wet floor issue and a bandaid that could easily fall off of anyone. God bless hun, and don't make a simple issue like that cause problems between the two of you.