The second coming of Jesus

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Senior Member
Mar 12, 2015
You're right, but sometimes it's hard for us to find out own mistakes when we read the Bible,only by Holy Spirit reveal things to us.
You are correct. People accuse me of stating my own interpretations, but nothing could be further from the truth.

I'm concerned about the truth no matter where it leads me. I don't want the popular belief. I want to know what God's word truly says, which is why I am so adamant on these Biblical subjects. As a quick example, years and years ago, I wanted to know what 2 Thess.2 was really saying. And as I dug in and looked at it from every angle and praying on it, God finally gave me the answer regarding what others were teaching, which didn't sit well with me. Prior to that I did not see the answer, but then the Spirit revealed it to me. Now the answer sticks out like a sore thumb, i.e. it's obvious to me. The problem is that, to those whom it has not yet been revealed, the continue to believe and teach the interpretation that they adopted from teachings of men. I want to know what God is saying, not what someone else thinks God is saying. I have to know the answers for myself and be able to explain to others why and that by using scripture.