What does this mean to you?

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Harley Angel ive come to the the conclusion about all these religions that in heaven there is not going to be "names above doors" so there will be no divisions of what is the truth because we will know the full truth there further more there are only three cattagories of "religion or faith's"people engage in, in my books, the first one the christian who are saved by grace, born-again, Faith in Jesus death burial and resurrection alone, blood bought, believed and accepted in the heart Gods gift through His Son that this is the only way of salvation, and the second cattigory that they trust in themselves, their works that it might gain merrit with God into heaven, always wondering if what they are doing is good enough to enter heaven,working up for a high score, always hoping they would pass the gates of heaven, then there are those of courseszaax who whole heartedly do not believe in God at all, not believing that they are sinners not admitting accountability to Almighty God
for the blood bought christian they must put excertions of efforts to keep the fellowship with God a clear free flowing relationship by examining sin in our hearts and obeying God with what he wants for our lives and others and bringing others towards his kingdom,Being where God wants you to be working out our salvation with fear and trembling
Its no life always wondering if your going to go to heaven but when you are saved Born again Jesus is the life, not ourselves,


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Apr 20, 2009
More and more I am seeing that when one asks what love is the best word I can come up with besides Our Lord God is to serve. If one describes what love does it serves, if one wants to say what they do to show love, it is to serve. For all that Our Lord God is and as glorious and great as he is, all that he does for us and gives, is to serve. Maby we all should remember this in all we do. It is interesting that like the word Love the word serve is the same when one or many love or serve; I love, I serve. We love, we serve. God bless, pickles
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