Another First for the Great State of California

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Idiot in Chief
Staff member
Jan 15, 2011
The dumb thing with this is that (for the consumer) nat gas is less expensive than electricity for heating/cooking. Likewise, it's more reliable than electricity for cooking (every place can end up with a power outage from time to time.

Tack on top of that, if an area is still predominantly dependent on coal for electricity, nat gas is still cleaner.


Senior Member
Jun 30, 2015
Climate activists want to drag the West back into the stone age. Can we just send them all to Antarctica and let them fight climate change there? We'll even let them rename it to ThunberGorea. We'll be sure not to send any fossil fuels with them.


Senior Member
May 8, 2014
I'm not sure we want to put all that hot air in Antarctica. It would probably melt all the ice there.


Active member
Nov 20, 2019
They want to end all these, yet they have no viable alternative to replace them with. News Media should press them on this?