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Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
Swerving around the busy curve, I followed the street to my stop.
The sign was glaring red and the road was vacant.
I could have gone and turned onto the pavement.
But a surreal sensation of seeking still. . .
rolledoverme,until. . .
I could not help but move in awe.
My lull in traffic was the peace of God.
So, as my wheels turned another way,
I thanked Him with my unplanned praise.
I rolled down the widow and opened my eyes.
I was washed from heaven by refreshing surprise.
The joy of sunlight, when too dark to see,
it does not compare to what light was fanned in me.
Speaking of light, I soon returned to work.
Replenished by His Presence, I'd be... less of a jerk.


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
Christ's anguish is dirty laundry of someone else spinning at his core.
Christ's cleansing power is that of His unblemished blood, full of His Spirit of pure action.
Christ's clothing is resistant to the ungodly flames, will not tear under stress of any kind.
Christ's offering is all He had to lose that day, Himself. He is Alive, but He still holds out His hands, out of Love.
Christ's example. His witness that we are to follow; not for the purpose of achieving godhood status but "because He Lives."
Christ's victory. It does not rest on the will of man, or the satanic. It is nothing new to God, for He is Victorious, Always....
Yet Christ seemed a lost cause to many, even when He is the One by Whom and through Whom we were created.
Christ's reason. You, me, and that person unknown to us both. Most of all, the Lord's Will.
He was in agreement with the Father.
And because of Him, we are called more than slaves to sin...
we are called children of God.
Christ, Spirit, God.
Nothing mortal comes close to the infinite fullness of God.
And yet, He calls us to draw closer.
As He loves us still.

I don't know about you,
but he draws me now.
To God be the glory.


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
The following is just venting. I may take on some rhyme at points, but the words reflect someone's need to lose the pride.
Note: This includes myself, but it is about someone else.

"Leveling rebellion"

Not holding back,
your heart is a sledging force,
for nothing good.
You drill into the hearts that loved you,
cutting cavities into the lives that saved you.
Your grief is heavy to bear,
but not compared to the chains you wrap on others to wear.
You are like a smoldering son of perdition,
according to the sharp words and coarse reply.
You are like a trail that runs others off a cliff...
on purpose.
Yes, your current state is not only unsteady.
You are an elephant stampede in one body,
wrecking havoc on just about everyone.
You think you know the way yourself,
but your deception has perplexed your conjuring soul.
Even if you ever admit weakness, you blame the God
you claim to depict. But the truth is,
you have no idea who He is.
You did, perhaps.
But don't anymore.
Because your squirming, looking to trip others, with eyes to the floor.
You try to work around Logic.
You make it a mission to kill Life.
But you're so mixed up,
the venom in you mouth is poison to yourself.
And so you will drool from failed attempt.
Unless you repent of the hypnotic hypocrite that you've become.
Then, only then, will you swing in the right direction.
You will cease in slithering in your madness.
And you will grow a pair and walk.
You will use your feet to free... others.
As for other injury, you will sacrifice yourself-- but not the same.
You will choose to lose your life, if that's what it takes.
And should you accept God's Will further,
you will bless and learn not to curse.
The enemies of Jesus are loved, no worse.
As for your fiendish father, you won't have to worry about him.
Because you'll be Adopted by God.
So plead for Him to save you.
Lost loved one, "Away with Sin!"


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
"Another side to an excuse"

Excuse me, did you just walk past without saying hello?

I did, but it was because I have a cold and I did not want to make you sick.

Excuse me, did you mean to step in front of me in line?

Why, yes I did, but only because I wanted to buy the order you just made.

Excuse me, did you intentionally drive slower than the speed limit?

You bet. I saw a fallen tree limb and did not want anyone to wreck.

Excuse me, did you forget to call when you had promised you would?

Even better, I opted to call someone else, who has since died. It was a great experience to talk with her one more time.

Excuse me, why did you fail to pay the tip?

Because I am the CEO and I was so impressed I wanted to give you a raise instead.

Excuse me, why did you pick that woman up?

Because I was the only one who understood her, and the Spirit led me to help her. Did you know she is a recently widowed business woman? She had gone on a long prayer walk, but it was getting dark and she sure needed transportation to get back.

Excuse me, do you have a response to every complaint?

Instead of worrying about that, why not complain a bit less?


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
"Getting Ready for School"

You wake me up to get a drink,
you jump on my head to make sure I'm really awake.
You want to help me get ready for the day,
but my eyes are praying that you will let me hit snooze on whatever's next.
Nothing doing, you tug on my heart when I see your outstretched arms.
And so I do what needs to be done. Even if I forget, you're there to remind.
So, once we're all set, we're school-bound.

Yet, who am I to do this?
I'm a public school teacher
who needs you Present at all times.
And You are God.
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Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
"Coin toss"

Falling, but falling into place.
Do I know this?
Yes, but I continue my descent
and it does not feel so faithful.

Instead, it feels like the wind of a sledging hammer,
and I am that inevitable contact between brute force and resistance.
I am between water's pressure and waiting flames.

Now, it is not so much that this is how it ends.
But this is how it can feel.
Because, truthfully, I forget and lose sight of the cleared runway.
And I am not the one directing to eventual destination.

Instead, I am like a shy child being pulled through eternity's hallway,
to meet a teacher whom I can hardly imagine, on the first day of school.
Sure, I know will meet him, but why the rush?

Just as the first curve-ball could not picture the pitcher's throw,
until it was already in flight, so my life has been.
I mean, I am no yo-yo (though, I have been called that).
I am another object that cannot object to its course.

Have I made my point?
It is not me who knows the mark.
Still, like it or hate it, I am like the push-pin
on a college student's first day.
Someone forces me into position (however temporary it may be).

So, if it is up to another's actions,
is there any reason for such trajectory?
I mean, why can't I be the non-kicked (yet non-deflated sports ball),
lovingly kept from rough terrain?

I'd answer this, but I'm still sinking.
Like a coin that was tossed into the deepest well,
so I fall from birth to an unseen end.

Hopefully, the prayer is worth it.
Even a child's cheerful haste is better than an eternity of not knowing.

I am falling, but I am falling into place.


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
"Where lights are placed"

In one place,
a lamp sits in the dark,
hoping for someone to turn on its dormant light.

In another place,
a candle burns,
even though no one is expected.

In a third place,
a flashlight's batteries are dimming and inconsistent,
just like the person holding it.

In a fourth place,
a phone is shared in a crowd of thousands.
Yet no one calls when the owner is alone.

In a fifth place,
a fire is started between friends,
as swapping stories turns into something else to share.

In a sixth place,
the moon is the light that potentially shines-- and eventually dims.
Some gaze at its majestic imperfections,
while others question ocean tides and safety.

In every place,
there is a light that gives of itself,
or means to.

Jesus said, "you are the light of the world,"
he said this to his disciples, or followers.
And he says the same to you.

In whatever place you find yourself,
let the light of Christ shine through you.
Because all others are limited in Longevity and Reach.


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
"Real Flex"
by Idea 3/26/2017

Quiet was wrecked by the "thud" of an honest fist.
And carpet was mowed by the claws within it.
A time for peace became anther's time of reckoning.
A place of comfort became another holding cell,
without revealing what was happening.
The scraping flesh against fibered floor
was not what was expected beyond those doors.
and the horrid crash of inner pain,
did not fall too awkwardly,
for the ears who heard it felt the same.
While words were present,
the muted message took precedence.
And all music of that hour was drowned
out by what took place in a moment.
And an impenetrable silence was circumvented,
ironically, by a Spirit's vent.
Plans were ruined, of course.
And rest was lost.
But that's expected when sound-barriers are blasted.
When tactics are ignored, or overridden by sudden expression.
Still, nothing of that kind was considered, per invitation or agenda.
Yet, it did.

One whipping arm,
without any harm,
changed one's plot into a lot--
of community.
And, oh, the humanity that
wrestled to prevent it.
But that thudding noise,
not as given choice,
is now what's heeded.
Sure, there's still uncertainty.
Hey, at least I know,

we needed it.

Note: This poem reminds one of how the Holy Spirit intercedes in ways words cannot express.


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
Let's see.

No, really. I want to see.
I want to see what I look like in the new clothes you got me.
I want to see if you approve or if there's something unsightly.
I want to see if they fit my frame or if I'm the wrong size.
I want to see what I look like through your own eyes.
I want to see if we are a match or if we are at odds with one another.
I want to see if we pair well or if this gift should be sent on to another.


Let's see.

No, really. I want to see.
I want to see what I look like in the new clothes you got me.
I want to see if you approve or if there's something unsightly.
I want to see if they fit my frame or if I'm the wrong size.
I want to see what I look like through your own eyes.
I want to see if we are a match or if we are at odds with one another.
I want to see if we pair well or if this gift should be sent on to another.
Would you believe the person if they told you? Or do you already have a preconceived notion of how the person thinks of you?


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
"Nowhere to drive"
--IDEA 5/8/2017

Wheels rolling the opposite way,
my foot pressed on the gas,
while prayers pounded inside my chest
i waved on drivers to pass.

I could not surmount the obstacle-of-a-vehicle,
So, traffic coinciding, I launched my safety lights
in the middle of the day, improvising.

And, man, is it true that not everyone has the same gift.
Still, I did what I had to, so no one would be hit.

But it is not enough to be blinking in a lane.
I had to move, I needed luck to change.

People were swearing, swerving, and it was a bit unnerving--
except, well... I did it, i survived the evening.

Of course, the prayers continue,
and the praises have increased.

My spirit is lifted;
although, my vehicle's deceased.


Senior Member
May 5, 2017
Note: Another free-write. Distracted in writing. Sitting with my grandmother as she colors.
Nothing perfect. Just pondering.

"Still Shaking"
She shakes without trying.
She can barely feel through her hands.
She walks with a hobble,
sometimes bumping into the wall.
She is frail compared to her youthful roots.
She is brittle through her bones.
She can hardly get out, or move.
And when she does, there is pain.
There sorrow over what's been lost.
Each step is a reminder of each tick of the clock.
the clock that is sometimes dead,
because she cannot get to it to check the battery.
She wakes up with a grateful heart,
but that is about all she holds that matters.
The things that rest on either side of her,
they mean nothing anymore.
She misses the hand of her companion;
the warmth of his compassion and respectful romance.
Her inaudible desperation may be unheard, but it is felt.
Her heart is heavier by the day,
as her countenance settles with each breath.
And that's just her husband.
Countless others have been lost in war, during the battles of life.
Some were ensnared by their choices.
Others uncharacteristically stepped into a trap.
While others sunk into an unknown pit.
Sure, there are many who remain, running circles around her upbringing.
"Get with the times," she's told.
The irony is, the more she tried
the faster her grounds eroded.
Yes, she is alone.
she is weak.
she is slipping out of the mind of many.
This woman, however, keeps each passerby
in her prayers. Even when the specifics elude her,
she intercedes, specifically.
Even though she shakes,
it is with no fist of guarded pride.
Rather, she trembles in the hours, days, and (if any left) years--
because she senses the urgency for your decisions.
for your time left. For the need of another miracle.
Is she on running anymore?
No. She hardly walks.
But her heart races for your victory.
Even so, she quietly waits.
The old is about gone.
But the Faithful, He Remains.
And so she does, a while longer, too.

(Note to self: Edit... someday)

Gorgeous <3


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
"Remembering in public"
Idea 5/14/2017

Memory is nailed to the floor, with feet of unexpected strangers.
Not knowing this, I try to recall, by pulling at every thread.
My logic is lacking also; well, I guess I never got it.
The carpet of my cognition is unwinding from my head.

My sense is changeless drivel, like a one-cent to the floor.
Tried to pick it up and pocket it, but there's no room anymore.
When I look to reach, I'm pushed over; when I lunge, I find I'm pressured.
And then there's that feeling of... "Is a penny trash or treasure?"
(--while with others.)

So, forgive my mindless state,
but I'm clueless as to your name.
I just hope that your upset face
means you're struggling, just the same :D.

Until then, memory is lacking;
The brain's scratching,
and strands rip in-hand.

Scooping up what's sealed to the ground
is like scraping up glued-down sand.
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Aug 15, 2012
"Preparing, Regardless"

The sun is about to rise
and I am pulling my hands from the water.

The the dishes are slowly being sanitized,
as the radio washes over me.

Although the music is upbeat, cheery.
I am still and find the "noise" to be quieting.

There is no rush to this routine.
There is solemness of heart.

The dishes are still unfinished.
This is due to the slowing of pace.

Intentions and subconscious are submerged together.
As I pull my head up from prayer.

The dishes were never the goal.
You are.

Lord, keep your hands to the task of rinsing me,
so I will be usable for today.

Do I need the dishes to be ready for guests? Yes.
Do I need to be readied by You, regardless? Yes.

So, my God, prepare me better than I did with the dishes.
My hands are clean. Is my heart?

Simply yours,
the poor dishwasher.


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
"Turned off"

Even as I write about how melody works,
the mood changes.
Even as I comment on the stars,
it begins to rain.
Even as I talk with you,
sleep signals I need to stop.
Even when I listen,
the call is dropped.
Even though I'm speechless,
you're Heard.
Even if I cannot reply,
Someone Cares Forever.
Even as I endure,
I lose my vigor.
Even as I try,
my strength is lost.
Even as I carry on,
your end is turned off.


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
"Asking for clarity"

Quivering, you ask for an answer.
My reply is unsatisfactory.
Your question is applicable,
but my explanation is vague.
You have hope in your heart,
but I cannot read the details.
You are wanting something else,
but I want what I already have.
You are afraid of what might be,
I am impressed by what has been.
You're listening for clarity,
as am I.
You're seeking guidance,
as am I.
You're still seeking God's Will,
as am I.
So, why do you insist on my elaboration?
Why can't you let God speak instead?
Or is it, He has?
Well, whatever you're thinking,
my heart guesses solutions.
Your voice quivers,
while my chest races.


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
"Wanting to Chat"

Looking for a conversation with someone new?
Want to talk about something new?
Do you want a table for more than two?
Well, what's stopping you?

Are you meaning to discuss a topic?
Are you meaning to discuss what thrills?
Are you needing to share your vision?
Are you needing to share your ills?

Well, "grab you a chair" and "come on over."
Pull up "to a spot you find."
For there are many at God's Table.
If you can't see, He'll guide the blind.

Thanks for joining us in this Great Encounter.
Thanks for leaving your space, to enter This.
For His Company is what you desire,
This is a Conversation not to miss.


So, now you heard the Leader speak, "Forever."
Are you glad that you found your Place?
Or do still wander to find yet another?
Is someone else more important than God's Grace?

If you do want more than This.
If your heart seeks something else,
be careful where you find a seat.
Not all company is good for your health.

[h=1] 1 Corinthians 15:33New International Version (NIV)[/h] [SUP]33 [/SUP]Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
"Looking Forward and Back"

Looking for my baby to arrive.
Looking for his smile to wake her up.
Looking to give our gift my life.
Looking for this child to make friends at school.
Looking for our darling to get home soon.
Looking for our daughter to get good grades.
Looking for her to learn more than just enough.
Looking for a young woman who will know what to say.
Looking for my pride to experience joy.
Looking for our girl to meet a nice boy.
Looking for our answer to chase an impossible dream.
Looking for a woman to trust in her success.
Looking for a miracle to land a good man.
Looking for their children, if God has planned.
Looking for a walking cane to visit my grandchildren.
Looking for notice of when they come our way.
Looking for married woman to help grieving widow.
Looking for a visit or call of any kind.
Looking for anyone to share good news.
Looking for anything that distracts my mind.
Looking for Jesus, as I breathe in a mist and exhale the same.
Looking for death the way she came.
...Looking for someone to arrive...


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
Just thinking... not edited

Tired from work, tires on road,
I long to be with you
I want to be alone

But the work keeps on
and the people persist
that I work every breath
until no feelings resist.

So when I see the front door
Even as I long to see you...
I see a longer list for me "to-do."

And then my quickening slows
and my quaking continues.
I wish all work tonight was off (of) the menu.

But the reality hits, like a list in my face.
And while it stings for a moment,
it is worth your embrace.

Because a day (or night) fighting,
to see that smile on you,
is worth all energy lost
to ease the labor for two.

So while I cry from my headache,
my heart yearns even more...
to do whatever's today-list...

Yet the point of your love
is not the works of my hands.
But that your there even when
I veer from such plans.