Presbyterian/Baptist War

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Senior Member
Dec 28, 2016
LMBO! That's awesome! Does your gal know what she's gotten herself into?
You guys are somethin' else!
Romeo and Juliet
Sanging a duet
To the tune of 'Hippy, Hippy, Shake'
A # 1 hit it'll make

Unless someone drinks some poison
And t'others stabs themselves to death
'Cause then, in time they'll ever be frozen
And Shakespeare's best play will then be MacBeth
Dec 28, 2016
Desdichado steps into the ring
To box the burley Ricky Gobb
He's such a burley looking thing
It makes him want another job

They meet in the middle of the ring
From the ref they get their instructions
Des goes back to his corner crying
Bracing himself for certain destruction

The timekeeper rings the bell
Gobb rushes him like a ox
Des closes his eyes and swings, Gobb just fell
Des thinks, “Hmmph, maybe I can box!”

The ref counts to ten
Then raises Des’ hand in triumph
Des struts around, practicing his zen
He says aloud, “I just kicked this bozo’s rump!”

Ricky Gobb never moved again
That was his last fight
His funeral was in his den
Dressed in his boxing tights

Des prances out of the ring
Then hops upon his chopper
Proud as if over the world he’s king
And loudly proclaims, “I’m the everlasting Gobb stopper!”


Senior Member
Feb 9, 2014
"Speak Friend and Enter"
I say "Mellon"
In the mines we scamper
Goodbye to the moon and sun

My staff gleams and guides
The Presby Fellowship
Thru chasms deep and wide
Where riches once did drip

An an atheist host appeared
Their maws gaping wide
To deeper vaults we steered
And among the bones to hide

A theonomist awoke them
Drums in the deep
A fool of a Christian
It'd be better if he'd sleep

Rams bashed the gate
Reduced our hull to splinter
We'd make them meet their fate
The host of godless winter

Thru odds overwhelming
The Presbys fought and ran
Their election telling
Thru prowess and elan

Until they were surrounded
By those sons of Mars
Prepared to make their stand
As the Franks at Tours (pronounced Too-ars for you non-Francophones)

With sword and axe raised
Both sides prepared to wheel
Til' something that amazed
Halted course of steel

Darkness turned to red
With flames as from Gehenna
Power to make and raise the dead
Pass fatal referenda

The primordial roar did boom
Froze every living spine
A harbinger of doom
"London, 1689"

Out and up the wall
The twisted host did scurry
Leaving Presbys in the hall
To face the Baptist fury

"Run, run, run
Leave the Baptist to himself!
Do no tarry, halt, or stun
He's more obnoxious than an elf!"

Channeling our flight
We made way toward the exit
The Baptist chased with all his might
Our fates were truly writ

Upon the narrow bridge
He yelled "Eternal duels."
I turned to my companions
Uttered "Fly you fools!"

We lept into the crevice
Me and the Baptist beast
I smacked him with my chalice
He beckoned me to feast

For weeks we fought
Til' we both met our death
Upon the highest spot
Where none could draw a breath

A great foe indeed
He did the Presby smite
But God favored me
I return clad in white
Dec 28, 2016
Des, can I get a
Woof woof?
You've went AWOL, went
Poof poof!

Was it because
Of a double toothache
And had pulled a
Tooth tooth?

You need to be here
Telling everybody the
Truth truth
Not going to the
Restroom going
Poop poop!

So Des,
Can I get a
Woof woof?


Senior Member
Feb 9, 2014

Des, can I get a
Woof woof?
You've went AWOL, went
Poof poof!

Was it because
Of a double toothache
And had pulled a
Tooth tooth?

You need to be here
Telling everybody the
Truth truth
Not going to the
Restroom going
Poop poop!

So Des,
Can I get a
Woof woof?


Senior Member
Feb 9, 2014
Am I a dog that you may come at me with sticks
Asking me to woof
Expecting growls and licks?

You sir a cat!
With sharpened tooth and claw
Dextrous limbs and gaping maw

"How dare you sir," say you "This is blood libel!"
Ah, but like the Dispy system
Cats aren't mentioned in the Bible

Dec 28, 2016
Des is a dog
Who I beat with sticks
He’s wise as a log
And his head is thick as a brick

He can’t get a hint
Neither can he a clue
Guess I will stay in a bent
Until my face turns blue

He has went AWOL
Yet he doesn’t even know
That’s why I keep yelling over there
Des, hello?


Senior Member
Dec 28, 2016
Five desperados come staggering
Into this one horse town
Parched lips, dry throats
From days of the sun
On them beating down

They pulled up to the local saloon
Get off their rides
They need a drink really soon
And go staggering inside

They see the ruckus, they hear the noise
They see the bartender with a knife in his back
Him still fighting with the other boys
They see this purty little philly
Sashaying her way towards them
Inside, their hearts leaping for joy

She says, "Hello boys, you new in town?
We have what you need on tap,
In barrel, in bottle, all easily goes down.
So, what will you have to drink, chaps?"

As she was talking, they were too busy
Watching the fighting, shooting
Stabbing, kicking, a guy hanging from the chandelier
Thinking, "We're right right at home
With all the hollerin', yellin', fightin' and lootin'"

They look at her and one guy says
"I am awful sorry, ma'am,
What was that you said?
We was too busy enjoying the fightin'
Shootin' stabbin', hollerin' yellin'
Shoot, we feel as if we're right at home
In our very own beds."

She said, "My name is Maudie,
And I am yer host.
Welcome to the Rusty 'Shoe Saloon
We have a drink that'll
Make you stiff as a post."

"Saloon?!?!?!" One of those guys said
In awe, amazement and wonder.
"Why, we didn't know this was one
Of them thar saloons.
Our momma would beat us silly
Then call all of us goons
If she knew we were in a saloon."

"Well, where did you think you
Was exactly at?" Maudie politely asked
"Ma'am, we was raised by the good book
Our paw raised us to know right from wrong
To never drink too much booze
Not even from a flask"

"With all the fightin', hollerin', shootin'
Kickin', stompin' and confusion.
Ma'am, we didn't know this was a saloon,
We thought this was a Presbyterian communion."
Dec 28, 2016
The Presby goes into stealth mode
Sneaking into the Baptist crowd
He smelled just like the horse he rode
And the 100 proof on his breath made him proud

He hunkers in the last pew
Looking around at what he could see
Ah, children everywhere, and not a few
And this fine little lad on his momma's knee

He thinks, "Ah, a little lad just ripe
For me to take dipping."
So his heart starts pounding
His knuckles white from the back of the pew gripping

He sneaks out of that last pew
Not realizing that this was his last day
His time on earth to seconds that are few
They'd take his carcass and carry it away

As he sneaks towards that little lad
He feels a pat on the back of his shoulder
He sees a woman, hands on hips, really mad
She yells at him and that makes her even bolder

"Oh no!" Was the cry of the ghostly white infiltrator
He knew he was in for some really cruel harm
His heart would need a defibrillator
Because, you guessed it, it was that Baptist schoolmarm

Needless to say, he didn't dip the lad that day
Neither did he make it out to see the sun
Nor did he even had time to pray
But he was carried out to the mortician's son


Senior Member
Feb 9, 2014
The Presby Legion's song
Rang through tree and grass
Celebrating the Rubicon
Over which they'd pass

"Sieze the day, my boys
Carpe Diem!
For life's greatest joys
Come only when you grasp them

The yonder Baptist City
Eternal in delight
The steeple pillars Pretty
Shall be ours by night

We left the fields of Gaul
Now PCUSA heaps
Once a denomination proud
Is fit only for the creeps

See the Baptist glut!
The SBC so large
Has tithes which dwarf the huts
To be taken on the charge

Their pastors are dispy
Their deacons arminian
But the Plebes tied to the trees
Share in our opinion!

Cast off your old presumptions
Shed your Sproulian manner
We'll leave our wretched state behind
And claim the Baptist banner!

What was Reformed once
Shall Reform again
We'll prove Moore a dunce
And Mohler a charlatan

For they're but imitations of the true
Not the Reformed best
When our heels march through
They'll salute with fist on breast

Across the bridge we go!
Velites keep the rear
No going back today
No PCA to steer

Here's to new beginnings!
And also to new ends
For the Baptists need our winning
To make their Church Great Again!"

A message boy popped up
"Gen. Des, here's a teaser
He made fun of you for Lincoln
What will he say of Caesar?"

"Beware for thou art mortal."


Senior Member
Feb 9, 2014
The avatar and flag must fit the poem. It's only fitting and proper.


Senior Member
Feb 9, 2014
"What of the General White"
Says the message boy
"His strength in the way of God
Could ruin our agenda!"

"Do not worry of his might!"
I replied with the sternest nod
"He's sermonizing in Riyadh
Or saving face for Mecca"
Dec 28, 2016
Desdichado prefers sunglasses
Or so it seems
He uses them on every avatar
And probably every meme

But I get it
I really do
When your drink is
Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, George Dickel
All in a cup mixed
With Mountain Dew

And that’s what he drinks first thing in the morning
At 3:00 PM
Dec 28, 2016
Jonathan Edwards, Abraham Lincoln
Now it’s Julius Caesar
All donning sunglasses
What’s Desdichado thinkin’

Apparently there’s something to
His love affair with them for sure
They’re on every avatar
And even on his face
In his profile mural

But when your blood is
40% blood cells
20% plasma
40% 120 proof
In the daytime
He can’t see too well

So he needs Ray-Ban’s
Just to see at night
He still runs ppl off the road
He keeps them afright

He puts a new spin on
”I want my sunglasses at night”
Its not just so that he can see
But also so he can have a chance
To kick the derrière of
That Baptist Schoolmarm named Nancy



Senior Member
Feb 9, 2014
The Baptist Star
Is truly a fool
Too fat for a car
Too square for cool

"Shades make the man!"
Saith the bards
"Convey a master plan
Conceals his hand of cards"

The Presby expat wears them
Not for drinks of night
But because he cannot REM
Basked in Holy Light

Providence seen everywhere
On hill, dale, and field
Resounding through the air
He dons the solar shield

Until the day of redemption, of course.
Dec 28, 2016
Desdichado in the middle
Of this poetry debate
Said “Here, hold this”
And hands preacher4truth his plate

He comes back
Says “Man, that makes four times
I had to go to the restroom
Thankfully I didn’t have to wait in line”

Preacher4truth asked him
”Was it something different you ate?
Or did you have too much
Vodka, rum, brandy, gin?
You know you like to drink them straight.”

“Nope, ‘twas none of that
So you’ll need to chillax
But I did find a yummy candy bar.
It’s called Ex-Lax.”


Senior Member
Feb 9, 2014
Pass the plate, Pink Star
Hand the platter here
Before I go down to the bar
And order me a beer

You cannot chew forever
On that whole rack of lamb
Bone and sinew sever
As you gorge the Christmas ham

I try to poke some cheese
With my green toothpick
But upon the plate you sneeze
And down the butter stick

My body light and brittle
Yours larger than a truck
The Presby will eat little
If the Baptist expects potluck