Describe the perfect relationship!!

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Majestic Llamacorn
Sep 17, 2013
A man and a woman that love God and put him first and love one another and are willing to accept the other person with their flaws and shortcomings. The man willing to love her like Christ loved the church and the woman willing to submit to her own husband. Both of them willing to put their own wants aside... there's no place for selfishness in a "perfect relationship".


Folksy yet erudite
Aug 13, 2014
The perfect relationship...

Well if you believe the TV advertisements, fresh breath and dry armpits are crucial.


Senior Member
Oct 14, 2016
That a nice idea, but I'm not sure those expectations are equally as strong and respected in all segments of society. Those who study poverty often find that it's the women who are the more stable ones holding things together while the men when they have problems with one of their women (wife, sister, mother, whoever they're staying with at the time) just take off and go to another until the stuff blows over.

In this case I think sacrifice is used in a sense to mean you can't have everything you want so you have to choose, and in a marriage you have to compromise when your wants conflict. Most responsibilities require some sort of sacrifice, and about the only time we don't feel it is when whatever goal we're working toward is so valuable to us that we only see the goal and don't stop to think about what we can't have along with the goal.
Cinder, you are sometimes the hidden arrow in His quiver. ;)


Well-known member
Mar 18, 2019
Many different views of perfect but my perfect relationship would have the following...
-first and foremost would be a Christ-centred relationship
-Prayer based
-Selfless love
-Mutual trust and respect
-Encouraging/supporting each other
-Carries you when you're weak (mostly referring to prayer but could be physical too)
-Loving with actions not just words
-Accepts you for you
-Sees you at your worse and doesn't hit the hills
-Good conversation
-Lots of laughs
-Last but definitely not least....Good food! LOL. (specially pizza, pasta, strawberries, mangoes and chocolate!)