Men Can't Vacuum, Put the Seat Down, or Wash the Dishes.

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Good heavens!

What, exactly, are you trying to say here, Lynx? That real men actually exist??? Let's not get crazy or anything.

Also, it's a good thing I've had my database erased... And certainly can't reember writing these 5-year-old threads. 😉
Who was it that said you two DON'T DATE? Great picture, Seoulsearch


I want to have my kitchen to myself lol. Also I want to know where the dust buster or vacuum cleaner is at all times. And, I don’t enjoy having my white blouses and dresses turning pink or gray😂.

I like to empty the dish washer the same day the dishwasher is done, so I’ll fix that too.

The toilet seat? I don’t care lol.