Help with sinning

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Jan 5, 2016
what do you mean dont ignore the thought? Jesus let the devil speak which is the temptation and Jesus said no it is written and used the WORD. ignoring does not mean you sinned you are just saying whatever with that thought. I rebuke it in JESUS NAME and give the thought to JESUS. i ignore it too.


It's a great site :). There's a few creeps who wander on from time to time, (so don't get too trusting, I guess), but they usually get banned pretty quickly and the people who stick around are all nice folks. Welcome, btw :)


I am just ecstatic that everyone is just so nice on here. I'm madly in love with this site I'm so lucky to be on it.
Give it a week, and spend time in other forums on this site, and you'll get over "madly in love" with this site.

(We're not always this nice.)
May 28, 2017
Talk to God and have faith that what he tells you is right. Think long and hard about things, always strive to improve your knowledge and communication, God wants your knowledgable and never wants you confused or lost. Trust him on that, he's always there and will never lead you astray.