Anyone else have trouble with motivation?

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Senior Member
Jul 17, 2016
Okay... so seriously...

Often people feel more motivated when they set clear goals, and then develop clear plans to reach those goals.

I agree with this. If I write it out as a goal and develop a plan to make it'll happen. I had a 2 year plan and completed it in under 2 years. At the same time I made 5 and 10 year plans. Daily to do lists are a huge thing for me.....without them I'd suck at life. lol.


Senior Member
Apr 18, 2013
It seems like when I have something to look forward to I tend to be more excited! Perhaps a "reward" of some kind. Watch a favorite movie, play a videogame, something
She acts as if talking to the people here isn't enough of a reward.

I think of my own company as such a fine reward that sometimes after a long day I'm quite thrilled just to settle back and have a long chat with myself.

That's how I feel.
No it isn't.
Yes it is.
No it isn't.

Steph, I need to go and settle a few things... I'll be back later.



Senior Member
Feb 5, 2018
It seems like even since I was a child, I have had trouble with being motivated to anything other than fun stuff or stuff I'm obligated to do..... With dad it was different, I KNEW I was supposed to help him. But....I don't know......maybe it's my medicine because when I sometimes did feel motivated it was from feelings of mass guilt or fear....

Is it.....depression maybe.....???
To be motivated, answer these 3 questions:

1) What's my life for?

2) What do what I want to happen in my life?

3) How can I achieve it?

Plus you must also remember the benefits of getting your goals successfully.

I suggest to believe in yourself and pray to the Lord for guidance and for more wisdom.


New member
May 29, 2018
Yo, it kinda depends on what you want more motivation to do, but I would strongly suggest getting Brendon Burchard's "Motivation Manifesto" and working through the book. I am currently reading it and it is truly life changing! I'm starting to feel like I can truly achieve the big dreams God has given me!