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    oh its alright abigail! im so busy, i dont have time to be on here…so its alright
    My loves, I won't be able to respond to visitor messages as often as I want. But know that you're all in my prayers. I love you but more importantly Jesus' perfect love (that casts out all fear, and sets people free) engulf you every single day. <3
    hey abi! so sorry for the delay. been very busy with studies…
    how are you doing? and about your question…my hair is shoulder legnth…not that long but if i was really treating it with esential oils and the natural remedies for hir, it would definetly be longer than it is now! you're so gracious to have such a website. it realy help other people!
    hair is sooo hard to maintian! do you dye your hair occasionally? i have never dyed my hair…im afraid of getting it ruined lol :D
    Oh, I switched it to psychology, actually :D I like it thus far.

    What would you want to do once you graduate then?! :D
    Oh I forgot you have to be vip. Sorry :(. I will try do it tonight :)
    Sorry. I had a scratchy throat last night. Its been chilly here. If you want, you can go ahead and record yours first and then I'll add mine. Its probably better for you that way because the #1 part is a little easier.
    btw, i checked out your website…it is so cool! i never knew… and thanks so much for those hair tips! go get 'em girl! :D
    oh thats interesting! this is my second account too (i still have my other one but i do not use it)
    wow, so you've been here for like 10 years??? amazing! no wonder! well, happy you love it here as much as i do!
    thanks abi, btw…how do you tackle all these visitor messages? you seem to have a lot of people who write you! lol :)
    lol, sorry for all those typos…
    im doing quite wel thanks! just been sooo busy with studies. im studying for exams next year. im choosing 5 sunjects which i have to be ready for. i dont even have time for youth bible study! so sorry about that. but, you are so sweet to be so kind! God bless you! :D

    you like green too? that is awesome!! :D
    lol...no just taking one day at a time with God :) but just keep me in your prayers and I will do the same for you!
    Yea I'm alright I don't live in the plains but the mountains so most of the flooding is avoided but it has been raining like crazy.....so people in the plains aren't too happy...but thanks for asking :)
    Hello, Got your message today (internet was out) glad to hear your doing well...remember prayer solves everything :) GBU!
    Ok, so the doggone rep system wouldn't let me rep you again yet. Le sigh. Your answers cracked me up... and, I LOVE Toothless!!! (Though the second movie ABSOLUTELY broke my heart when Toothless killed Hiccup's dad.) WHAT KIND OF A PLOT LINE WAS THAT ANYWAY!!!??? Sorry. :p Got a little carried away. :D
    Thanks so much, Abi!! I was afraid people would think it was a stupid idea, or would flame it for not being "Christian" :rolleyes:, but you know... I just thought we could all use a little fun. :)
    oops, was i suppose to reply here… sorry! so new to this "visitor messages*
    Who even knows when I'll graduate, haha. I just switched my major, so I'm probably starting from scratch.

    You're still at the same job? The overnight one?
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